Cat screams at night: what to do?

  • How to wean a cat scream at night?
  • If the kitten cries
  • What not to do.

In a previous article, we discussed, why the cat screams at night. But today let’s talk how to break him of this annoying habit. What to do if a cat screaming at night?

How to wean a cat scream at night?

  • Consult with a veterinary specialist.

Your pet was always calm, and slept soundly at night, but suddenly started to scream at night? Before you can educate, talk with a veterinarian. It will help to determine the cause of “bad behavior” and tell you what action to take. I would like to recommend safe sedative drugs or money from sexual heat.

To assign the cat a sedative and hormone treatment (like any drug) can only a veterinary specialist. Do not compile it yourself!

  • Sterilization.

If the cause of night concerts lies in the hormonal and breeding you don’t plan, it’s time to think about sterilization. After this procedure, your pet will only improve. And most importantly, he will no longer suffer from unsatisfied instincts.

Please note that for the first time after sterilization, the cat can continue his vocal exercises. But gradually hormones level off, and this habit is likely to remain in the past.

The perfect time for sterilization is 1 year. Late neutering may not solve problems with behaviour, since the habits in adult males firmly fixed.

Кот кричит по ночам: что делать?

  • Game.

Out of boredom cats screaming no less than because of sexual inclination. In this situation, you can help a special night toys for cats. The more the better. Your goal is to provide the cat an interesting hobby that she was in charge while you sleep.

  • Activity day and night.

Another proven method is to “wear down” the cat during the day and especially before bedtime. Make her run and jump, then walk, if possible, do not let her sleep in the daytime. The more the cat will get tired of the day – the harder it will be to sleep at night.

  • A hearty dinner.

A hearty late dinner – this is a trick that always works. You can reduce portions during the day, and at night apply pet a hefty portion. Being tired and eating, he might sleep until the alarm clock!

  • To have another cat.

The cat is bored at night, and you can’t figure out how to entertain? Perhaps it is time to have another cat? In most cases, the problems of two cats is much less than one. They are almost always busy with each other!

If the kitten cries

Kittens cry because of the stress of separation from mother, adapt to new conditions and longing for the host. Don’t worry, with time it will pass. In the meantime, try to distract your baby fun toys, give him a cozy bed with high sides (they create associations with the mother’s side), spend with him as much as possible. Kittens are like children and they just need our care and protection.

Кот кричит по ночам: что делать?

What not to do.

Even if the cat brought you to a white heat, it is by no means impossible to beat. If absolutely unbearable, you can click on the nose, Bang on the Pope’s newspaper, rolled into a roll, or splash water from a spray bottle. However, disappoint you: the good of these actions will not. The pet is either hide behind the couch and yell out, or continue his concert again as soon as you settle down in bed.

Most importantly, understand that the cat is not crying to spite you. As strange as it may seem to us, but for the op she has her reasons. And fix their punishment impossible.

But what punishment will result, so that the deterioration of relations between you. Cats are very intelligent and vindictive creatures. They can be deeply offended by the owners, “revenge”, and in the worst case you will begin to fear and avoid. Don’t allow this!

Cat live according to its laws. To better understand your pet, it is useful to examine its nature, habits, and in any case not to equate it. Try it, and education will not seem such a daunting task!

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