How to wean the kitten to tear the Wallpaper and furniture?

We often criticize our Pets for gaps in behavior, however, in practice, unwanted habits ward is almost always the consequences of improper upbringing. Remember the phrase: “there are no bad students, only bad teachers”? Now, it works! Ignoring the unwanted behavior of a kitten, the owner only strengthens his habits. And if at an early age you just let the kitten sharpening her claws on the back of the couch, don’t be surprised if he’d torn the sofa in a more adult. The behavior of the pet must be corrected in a timely manner and, most importantly, systematically. In our article, we will give some useful tips that will help wean your kitten scratching the furniture, Wallpaper and other household items.

1. Please be kittens! Cats will always sharpen its claws: it is their natural need. So before you punish the pet for damage to furniture or Wallpaper, please be a good alternative. In this case kittens.

2. Experiment. In modern pet stores represented a variety of scratching posts: scratching posts, corner, outdoor and other scratching posts – all different sizes. Why such diversity? The fact is that every pet is an individual. And if the neighbor’s cat keeps scratching-post your can give preference to outdoor scratching posts. To find the right one model you can only by trial and error. It is best to buy several different claw-point and evenly distribute them around the apartment – believe me, it will not be superfluous!

3. Give your kitten toys! Yes, sharpening claws is a natural feline need. However, a bored cat can be taken over the design of the Wallpaper and upholstery in an attempt to diversify leisure. To avoid this, the cat “under the paw” should always have toys that she can play independently in the absence of the host (for example, the track for cats Petstages, electronic toys, etc.).

Как отучить котенка драть обои и мебель?

4. To suppress attempts of a kitten to sharpen its claws on the forbidden place. Possible such places it is recommended to isolate. Our goal is to get the pet to “forget” that he sharpened his claws on the furniture or Wallpaper. As “memory,” cats is based on the odors in the first place work with them. Did you know that the pads of the cat’s paws contain a special secret? When pet scratching any objects, this secret remains for them, and the cat feels it. That is, passing by the scratched on the eve of a corner and catching a familiar scent, the cat will go back to my habit. Reliable assistants in removing such marks are special sequences of behavior. In our case, the sprays against scratching (for example, Natures Miracle). They neutralize the secret of the pads and due to its scent (which people love, but don’t like Pets – for example, lemon and cinnamon), make the treated area unpleasant for cats.

5. Regularity – the basis of the foundations. If you decided to wean the kitten to scratch on household items, be constant in purpose. Many owners, depending on the mood today, allow the cat to fight the sofa, and tomorrow, to punish her for it. Of course, this approach will not bring the expected result: the cat will not understand what is required of him. Seeing that the kitten is going to “misbehave”, give the command “no” and clap your hands to attract his attention. As the “heavy artillery” uses a spray bottle. Splash water at the guy, catching him at the crime scene: cats hate water. But the use of physical force in upbringing is not recommended. It is useless and cruel. In addition, the pet will sooner or later cease to respect the person that causes him pain.

Как отучить котенка драть обои и мебель?

Take care of their wards and do not forget to encourage them for their success! Your concern, care and love are the best tools of education, which perform miracles. And they should always be in the first place.

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