Does the variety in pet food?

  • Features of the digestive tract of dogs and cats
  • Do Pets have different tastes?

If dogs and cats could talk, what dish they’d ordered? What if the pet is tired of his food and wants to try something new? If he needs variety in food? Find out in our article.

Proper feeding dogs and cats are when a diet close to nature and fully meets the physiological needs of the animal. Knowing how the digestive system of the pet, easier to understand, what should be his diet.

Features of the digestive tract of dogs and cats

In dogs and cats relatively short intestines, therefore the digestive process they have a more passive. For example, traces of dry food that the dog ate for Breakfast, can be detected in the stomach in three days.

The success of the digestive health of cats and dogs in the properly produced by the enzymes.

Enzymes gradually adapted to the food consumed by the pet. It turns out, your digestive system “learns” to process familiar food for him.

Too frequent change of feed creates a stressful situation for the body, forcing again and again to expend our energies and resources to develop new enzymes. Until this happens, the digestion process is unstable, which means that cat or dog may experience gastrointestinal disorders and difficulties in the assimilation of substances from food.

Therefore, it is best to choose the optimal diet and stick to it.

Нужно ли питомцам разнообразие в еде?

Do Pets have different tastes?

Dogs and cats are recommended to give one balanced food on a regular basis. However, during the life of the animal’s needs are changing, and the diet may also change. That is why there are a line of food for puppies and kittens, neutered, older dogs, and cats, animals are prone to different diseases, etc. All of which are designed to meet the needs of your pet in a specific period of his life.

But what about flavors?

Taste buds on the tongue of the predator are less developed than ours. Much more important for him – the scent! So if you want to pamper your favorite foodie – enough to “dilute” the usual batch of new taste component. The main thing – to do it right.

When choosing food, read the main ingredients of the composition: this is the first 5 ingredients after the colon. If the basis of the feed is different, hence, the enzymes must be reconstructed under different protein molecules. And this time, stress and extra burden on the body. Such shifts in the diet is justified only when it has a background in health and the physician.

Нужно ли питомцам разнообразие в еде?

Feed with the same protein, but different flavor components (up to 4% of the total number) have no fundamental differences and assimilated in a similar way. So, the stress when you change such food the body will not. For example, if you give a cat food with chicken, but want to treat her fish – simply choose food with the same basis, i.e. from the same manufacturer, same line, but with a different taste. And you’re done!

Everything else will be called an abrupt change of diet and instead of pleasure from food can negatively affect the health and mood of the pet.

There is another way to treat a pet is a delicacy. Not those that lie on our table, and those that are designed specifically for dogs and cats and based on meat. Treating the pet, it is imperative that the rates of feeding (it is listed on the packaging) and carefully watch his reaction. Any negative manifestations (digestive disorders, dermatological problems), stop give a treat and in conjunction with a veterinary technician find out what contributed to such a reaction.

Нужно ли питомцам разнообразие в еде?

We wish your Pets tasty and useful dishes!

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