do cats Need grains?

Many cat food consists of cereals, sometimes even as the main ingredient. How does this meet the physiological needs of the predator? Do you need cat grass?

Any cat is an obligate carnivore. This means that she needs a diet based on animal protein (90%). Cat physiologically can’t stay healthy if her diet is too many components of plant foods. However, a certain amount of carbohydrates still needs to be, and here’s why.

Carbohydrates perform the function quickly of the energy produced, which needs the cat for the digestion of animal protein. In other words, a small fraction of the carbohydrates ensures proper digestion of animal protein, from which the cat receives energy and building material for the entire body.

In cats (and other predators) fill the need for quick carbohydrates through the stomach contents of prey (rodents and birds that eat grains and plant foods). The most common prey of a cat in nature – a mouse just eats cereals and plant food. The mouse is a source of animal protein for cats, but eating it, the cat also gets a small portion of grain their digestive tract of a rodent.

When food for the cat chooses you to need to consider that:

1. Food NOT included in (fermented) grain (what the cat gets from the stomach of prey). Therefore, the feed are added to processed carbohydrates from grains with a ruined shell. They are more bioavailable to predators.

2. The grain should occupy minimal volume in the feed composition. The Foundation food for cats should always be its animal protein.

3. The grain included in the feed composition in the form of flour must be DIFFERENT. Because each grain has its own glycemic index. In simple terms, the breakdown of each type of grains need different times, highlighting different energy

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Cereal with high index leads to fermentation, which means we may deliver your pet a lot of trouble with flatulence. To a low glycemic index indicates a low activity, low level of fermentation. This means that the reaction inside the body may not be enough for the breakdown of carbohydrates and pet may not be getting enough energy to digest animal protein.

That is why the advanced high-quality feed used a small amount of carbohydrates compared to animal protein sources, and these carbohydrates always different. In the composition, you can see mention of different crops, as well as one plant in a different form. For example, rice grain and rice flour will have a different glycemic index, so in part, they are treated as different carbohydrate ingredients.

If you are using a single type of grain, then the producers choose those carbohydrates that have a medium glycemic index.

This is basic information about the role of grains for digestion cats. If you have doubts the diet of the pet, do not experiment and consult your veterinarian.

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