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Exotics – this plush twin Persian cats, only with short hair. Compared to its closest relatives, the Exotic Shorthair is more mobile and inquisitive. They love to play, good with kids and other Pets. It seems that good manners and neatness birth invested in these Pets.

Экзот (экзотическая короткошерстная)


Exotic Shorthair is a Persian cat with short hair. The exotic characteristic flattened muzzle, strong bones, figure in a cropped format. The weight varies from 3 to 7 kg average.

Head of exotics is quite massive, rounded shape, his cheeks round and full, muzzle short, rounded. The eyes are large, set wide apart, the color is bright and saturated, in harmony with coat colour. Ears small, with rounded tips. Tail rather short, covered with dense hair.

The coat is short, thick, but fluffy. Despite the fact that the exotic is a shorthaired breed, their hair still slightly longer than the hair of other Shorthair cats. The color corresponds to the colors of Persian cats and is characterized by a rich palette.


Despite the great similarity with the Persian cats, exotics still much more active and playful than their closest relatives. Of course, in General, they are couch potatoes, not perpetual motion, like some other cat breeds, however from an interesting game, the player will not give up ever.

These Pets are very curious, they love to explore all the surrounding, to know new people and animals, to learn something new. The peaceful nature of the exotic allows it easy to make friends with other cats and even dogs, and communication with loved ones for this pet is one of the main values in life. Of course, communicative, neat exotics get along well with children, which they often become best friends.

Exotic Shorthair loves affection and attention, they like to be in the middle of the action, but in solitude, they feel bad. As a rule, these Pets behave quietly and modestly, never scraping and not bothering the owner. Exotic unpretentious, and keep them – a pleasure.

Экзот (экзотическая короткошерстная)


Overall, exotic Shorthair is characterized by good health, adults exotic plants rarely get sick. However, the breed tends to the same diseases as that of Persian cats: cardiovascular disease, eye disease. Because of the structure of the faces of the Persians often have watery eyes and have problems with the respiratory system.

The average life expectancy of exotics is 13-15 years.


Caring for an exotic Shorthair is quite simple. It is sufficient to brush the coat once a week and daily while shedding. Since these Pets frequently watery eyes, they will need a daily wipe with a clean damp handkerchief. Special attention should be paid to proper nutrition: cats are full-bodied and a balanced diet must always be upheld.

The rest of the care of exotics standard: routine exams, vaccinations, treatment of parasites, etc.


Экзот (экзотическая короткошерстная)

The breed was developed in the mid-20th century, the ancestors of exotic cats – American Shorthair and Persian cat. By crossbreeding the two breeds was to improve the color and lightweight of the silhouette, the result is kittens, very similar to a Persian but with short hair. Breeders immediately appreciated this quality and in 1966, exotic Shorthair (namely so was named the new kittens) was officially recognized by the CFA. Today this breed is very popular all over the world but is most common in the United States.

Interesting fact

Exotics are often called Pets for lazy lovers Persians. It’s outside of the similarity of the two breeds. Having a similar body type and structure faces with Persian cats, exotics still differ from them in character and have a short coat, which greatly facilitates the care of Pets.

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