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If you are a fan of Russian blue cats, you will love this breed. Meet the Nibelungs – smoky, long-haired beauty, named after the old Germanic epic.

Bluish color of the cat breed Nebelung, despite his German name, was withdrawn in the United States. Many fans of domestic animals crazy cats with this coat color, so the cycle will fall exactly to their liking. This breed is still not very common. But one look at this cat, you are unlikely to be able to confuse it with others.


The main feature of the Nibelungs is a long and fairly thick coat of bluish color, with a characteristic silvery sheen. Weight adult cat is about 3.5-4 kg cat can weigh 5 kg (sometimes there are instances and larger). By its coat color, this breed is similar to the Russian blue, but it is luxurious long hair “Americans” will not allow confusing the two breeds together.

The Nibelungs quite sturdy and slightly elongated body. In the image of the animal, you can feel the power, agility and grace. Sometimes it may seem that these cats are stocky and have low legs, however, the impression is created because of the hanging belly with long hair. It visually makes the legs of the animal a little shorter.

The head is of medium length, the skull flat. The eyes are quite large, are oval in shape and set wide apart. Their color should be vivid green (also permitted amber tint). These eyes combined with the bluish-smoky fur give the cat a special charm. Ears are slightly pointed upwards, large. The coat is silky and very pleasant to the touch. It has a thick undercoat, so the owners of these animals need regular brushing them, preventing clumping. One of the major disadvantages is considered strongly protruding eyes (or Vice versa − too deep-set).


Representatives of the breed, the Nebelung is very active and cheerful, so as Pets will approach the same active person. But at the same time, they love peace so that they can keep and retirees or those people who are often at home. If you decide to have this breed, then be prepared for its aristocratic coldness and restraint. A family animal will choose one or two people who would take their masters. To everyone else, as well as to strangers, the Nibelungs are reserved and wary.

These cats are distinguished by the exceptional mind, so if you want to train the animal to the problems of his master should arise. Despite the activity, the Nibelungen is not inherently coercive. They will never annoy his master or other people in the house, would not “get into eyes” and try by all means to attract attention. In any situation, the Nibelungs are to maintain their dignity. They have a quiet voice and will not meow heartbreaking for the whole house just because they are bored. If the owner is not home or he is busy, the cat will wait patiently when she can devote time.

Among the Nibelungs, and often there are unruly animals who like to climb on the table and pull out lint. Their characteristic feature is that they can easily make friends with other animals in the house. Friendly breed will easily get along with other cats, is not against the dog society. This differs from many other breeds that are intolerant of other animals. But these cats may not get along with children, because the calm of the Nibelungs is not very pleasing to the noisy children’s games and endless fuss.

The history of the breeding

In the 80-ies of the last century, the American Cora Cobb became interested in the possibility of developing a new breed bluish-silver cat breed the Nebelung has emerged as a result of her efforts. One day she noticed one unusual kitten that had a bluish color and long coat. This kid was the son of a normal black cat with a short coat, which Bark once gave to his son. A kitten named Siegfried, and he was destined to become the ancestor of a new breed with long bluish hair.

The second “founder” of the breed was the cat brünnhilde, whose fur was even longer than Siegfried. From this pair, it was decided to obtain offspring. In 1986 the fauna of the planet has replenished with the first three Nibelungs − kittens, which were born of love the above pair. The new breed quickly came recognition, and a year later it was registered by TICA Association. But the breed did not end there. Further to it to improve the appearance and consolidation of characteristics were poured the blood of the Russian blue. Today, the breed is the Nebelung I love and appreciate pet owners around the world.

Health and care

Pets belonging to this breed have good health and quite unpretentious. In order to maintain and successfully breed Nibelungen, the person will need to provide them with good nutrition. The characteristics of the breed are cleanliness and a certain pickiness in food. In no event, it is impossible to spoil the things on the table. Once you try some kind of delicacy, they can take a long time to renounce the usual cat food. Therefore, the Nibelungs need to offer only special feed, whose composition is well balanced.

This breed is very important to clean. The owner should ensure that the tray always had a fresh litter, and bowls for food and water was clean and had no signs of spoiled food.

Reading the description of the animal, everyone will think that his hair needs careful care. So. Pets need to buy a pair of special brushes from time to time to remove the drop-down hairs. Otherwise, they will accumulate on furniture, carpets and clothing. This cat breed does not need frequent bathing, they will not affect the beauty of the fur of the animals.

In General, caring for a cat the nebelung is not difficult, but these considerations should not be forgotten. This cat can be kept in a city apartment and a large country house. Deciding to have of the Nibelungs, keep in mind that they are still rare and to find a beautiful animal with a good pedigree will not be easy.

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