Food Allergy and food intolerance in cats

Что такое алопеция? Причины её возникновения у кошек и собак


  • How do food Allergy and food intolerance in cats?
  • Causes of food allergy and food intolerance
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

Allergy, the famous “disease of the 21st century”, is found not only in humans but also in Pets. For example, itching and skin irritation in cats can be symptoms of food allergies or food intolerances. Read more about this in our article.

Food Allergy and food intolerance is the impaired processing of a certain kind of food due to lack of enzymes or poor metabolism.

Food allergies in cats can occur if the stern is found allergenic protein. Food intolerance can be a reaction to the amount of product.

How do food Allergy and food intolerance in cats?

  • Food allergies in cats: symptoms

Food Allergy is accompanied by all the “classic” signs: rash and redness on the skin, itching, scratching, sometimes with bald patches.

  • Food intolerance in cats: symptoms

Food intolerance is manifested by a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. In response to the unassimilable product of a cat to have diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, vomiting. In this way, the skin remains intact.

Пищевая аллергия и пищевая непереносимость у кошек

Causes of food Allergy and food intolerance

To cause a food Allergy and food intolerance may potentially allergenic components cat. In the first place is:

– soya,

– dairy products,

– beef,

– lamb,

– grains,

– chicken, etc.

If the body of the pet reacts poorly to any component, it must be removed from the diet and replaced by another (so that the ration remains balanced).

Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

To diagnose a food Allergy or intolerance may have a cat only veterinarian. He will gather the history, examine the pet, will conduct the necessary tests to rule out other diseases and prescribe treatment.

The complexity of the diagnosis of food Allergy is that many dermatological problems have similar symptoms. For example, are equally manifest food Allergy and atopic dermatitis. To differentiate, the veterinary doctor prescribes a new diet – a special diet excluding potentially allergenic and difficult digestible components. Such diets have a hypoallergenic composition and support the function of the skin.

As an example, we give grain-free vedieo Monge Vetsolution Dermatosis, which is assigned when food allergies, food intolerance, inflammatory skin diseases, chronic itching, and inflammation of the intestine. How did it work?

– Functional system Fit-aroma creates a special approach to the treatment of dermatological diseases;

– superoxide dismutase prevents oxidative stress.

xylooligosaccharide normalizes the intestinal microflora.

The complex action of components of the composition promotes rapid regeneration of skin and coat and immunity.

Пищевая аллергия и пищевая непереносимость у кошек

The therapeutic diet picks veterinarians. Based on the history and condition of the cat it will suggest which components are more likely led to the problem, and recommend a food with appropriate ingredient composition. Depending on the reactions of a cat on a new diet, will make a decision about her future diet.

You may need time to determine which product reacts badly to the body with a particular cat. But eliminating this component from the diet, you will save your pet from food allergies, and food intolerances.

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