Molting in kittens

At what age do kittens start shedding? Should they be brushed? Is molting so serious a problem as everyone’s talking about it? This and many other questions in our article.

Little kittens do not shed almost, because instead of fur they have baby soft fluff. However, caring for the coat of a kitten, and in particular, combing should start from an early age. And there are a number of reasons:

  • A small kitten is much easier to teach to combing than an adult cat. Kittens love affection and I love to have contact with the owner, the grooming will become an enjoyable pastime. Thus, in the adult age, your pet will be positively combing, and grooming will not turn to him in the struggle for life and death.
  • Brushing kittens from an early age helps to prepare them for the first molt. The first molt in kittens is the most intense and prolonged because the kids have to change a baby down on an adult, tougher coat. And the task of every responsible owner to help the pet in this difficult matter (as well as to protect your things from wool). During molting, the kitten should be carefully and regularly comb. So you have to update the coat and reduce the number of hairs remaining on your stuff. The kitten is already familiar with brushing, will take the first moult are much easier and calmer than his less experienced counterpart.

When molt begins in kittens? – It depends on the season, breed and individual characteristics of the pet, but the average age for shedding the first is 5-8 months. Upgrade your kitty’s fur will require the receipt of additional nutrients: vitamins, amino and omega-3 fatty acids. Start to give your baby a complex with fish oil and brewer’s yeast (for example, Excel Brewer’s Yeast) from the first days of molting, and you will see that the new hair will grow healthy and beautiful, and the first molt will be much faster.

Линька у котят
  • Combing is a necessary procedure for furry Pets, or their beautiful coat will be collected into mats.
  • Combing is not only grooming but also a kind of massage that improves blood circulation, which is very useful for kittens.
  • Brushing, like other pleasant joint activities, help to tune the mutual understanding and trust, which is very important in building relations of the owner with his four-legged friend.

How to comb out a kitten?

It is very important to the procedure of combing was carried out gently and carefully. Don’t scare the kitten’s sharp movements, do not forget to praise him and talk to him. The kid needs to accept brushing as tender and reverent care of himself, his Association with the grooming should be exceptional.

The most effective aides in teaching the grooming are the Goodies and the tone of voice. Treat the pet treat the process of combing and after that, encourage her. Trying out the Goodies and hearing the gentle voice of the owner during grooming, the baby will associate grooming with something infinitely pleasant, so our goal is achieved!

For combing little kittens, it is sufficient to use special soft tools that will not injure the hair and the skin (for example, the set for the first grooming FURminator, which includes a soft slicker and comb with wide-tooth). Our goal in this case – does not remove dead undercoat (as it still is not), and to accustom the baby to the procedure.

In adolescence, after the first molt, to remove dead undercoat is best to use a tool vs FURminator shedding. Why use it?

Линька у котят

Today it is the most effective way to combat shedding. The tool reduces the number of dropped wool to 90% for peers. Thanks to these results, the FURminator has gained immense popularity, then has provoked a mass production of fakes. Therefore, before purchasing a tool, make sure to check its authenticity.

Thanks to high-quality grooming, molting pet ceases to be a problem. Verify this in practice!

Please your Pets and let them delight you back!

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