How to care for kittens

The key to good health a little four-legged friend is not only proper nutrition and active play, but also hygienic care of eyes, ears, claws, oral cavity and coat, which accustomed to be the kitten from an early age.

For many adult cats examination and hygiene, treatment is a real stress, although in the proper process of caring for a pet there is nothing wrong and unpleasant. The problem is that many owners, unfortunately, do not pay hygiene procedures proper attention and not taught to pet him from an early age. Of course, if an adult cat suddenly began to inspect the oral cavity and to clean the ears – it will treat this lesson, cautiously and without much sympathy. Another thing – pet, which was raised for inspection and grooming, he has long been familiar with various treatments and knows that they will not bring him any harm. Moreover, competent care even helps to build a relationship of trust between the owner and the pet, it’s direct interaction, during which the two sides getting to know each other.

So, now we know why to grooming kittens are taught from childhood, but how often you need to perform inspection and hygiene procedures? And it depends on several factors. First, the breed of your pet, as each breed has its own characteristics and, accordingly, recommendations for care, and secondly, from the age of the cat, and thirdly, the state of her health. It is important to note that the purpose of the inspection and grooming is not only neat looking pet, but also his good health as regular brushing, for example, helps to maintain healthy skin and coat, and regular inspection ensures early detection of various diseases and prevent their development.

Inspect the kitten is recommended at least once a week. Begin the inspection, usually with the eyes and ears. Healthy ears of a kitten is always clear: on the ear no heavy discharge, rash and sores, ears should not smell unpleasant.

Of course, a small selection of earwax kitten natural, they do not have an unpleasant odor and are not indicative of the malaise, and to remove them from the ear is possible by using a simple cotton swab dipped in a special way to clean the ears. Must be clean and eye pet. Healthy eyes are clear and shiny, they have no purulent discharge, they are not watery and the eyelids are not red and swollen. If you notice that the ears and eyes of the kitten are not in the best condition, it’s time to go to the vet: perhaps we are talking about the infection which needs quick treatment.

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Then go to the examination of the nose and the mouth. Nose: a healthy kitten clean, without secretions, and the breathing steady and free. Examining the oral cavity, pay attention to the state of the mucous membranes, gums and teeth. Mucous membranes should be pink, no sores, plaque and inflammation, and the teeth – no Tartar.

Then comes the turn of claws: claws should not be too long and stratified. It is necessary that the house pet has always been claw-point, about which it can grind down the claws. Also from time to time is recommended to carefully shorten long pet claws with special scissors, clipper. Note: be careful nor in any way disturb the blood vessels (the pulp), otherwise, you will cause pain to the pet and you will have to stop the bleeding.

Как ухаживать за котятами

As for grooming, it is best to comb your kitten daily. Yes, the hair is baby soft and fluffy, it practically falls out and brings a host of inconveniences, but our main goal is to not only keep the coat in good condition, but also to accustom your kitten to the procedure of combing, so that he looked at her calmly and even with pleasure. In addition, brushing is a kind of massage, stimulating blood circulation, and reliable way to maintain the health of skin and hair, so ignore them in any case not worth it.

Fur your pet can be short or long, some kittens may not be the other way – in short, every breed has its own characteristics and to care for each cat requires its own tools and resources. Do not forget about the skin: it also needs an overhaul. Redness, and sores on the skin may indicate allergies or parasites, so be careful and if you have any questions consult your vet.

Speaking about skincare and hair, not to touch upon the subject of bathing cats: do I need to wash the pet and, if so, how often? There are many opinions on this subject. In General, cats are naturally very clean and tidy, they often wash and do not need any special swimming. However, if the pet hair gets dirty easily and looks untidy, bathing a cat is possible and even necessary, but abuse by class is not worth it. For the procedure you should use special means for washing of cats, the human cosmetics for care of animals is strictly not suitable. After bathing, do not forget to dry the pet so that it is not cold.

Как ухаживать за котятами

And don’t forget that the indispensable attributes of competent care for a pet is the care, kindness and accuracy. In any case, don’t be rough with your four-legged friend, don’t punish him if he tries to avoid the unpleasant procedure so you will only aggravate the situation. Accustom a kitten to grooming from childhood, conveyed to the kid that you don’t hurt him, but rather worry and care about him. And believe me, then regular maintenance is for your pet not a source of stress, and an additional opportunity to talk with the owner and feel his care – and what could be more important?

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