Diarrhea in cat

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  • Diarrhea in cats. What is it?
  • Cause of diarrhea in cats
  • The symptoms of diarrhea
  • Diarrhea in cats: what to do?
  • Treatment and prevention of diarrhea in cats

To protect the health of your cat, you need to know the enemy in the face and to observe preventive measures.

Diarrhea in cats. What is it?

Diarrhoea is indigestion accompanied by loose stools. It occurs in humans and in animals. Causes of diarrhoea are many. But despite the prevalence, this is a serious symptom that is acute and a chronic form. Without appropriate treatment of acute diarrhea becomes chronic. Known cases when from chronic diarrhea has killed small animals and children.

Cause of diarrhea in cats

Why do cats have diarrhea? This lead to various causes: violation of diet, poor food, stale water, overeating, infection, infestation, poisoning, food intolerance, anxiety and others.

The most common causes of diarrhea in cats is inappropriate or poor diet, sudden changes in the diet, supplementary feeding from the table and stress.

There are times when diarrhea is accompanied by other more serious diseases of the different body systems. To establish the diagnosis and determine the cause of the disorder can only be a veterinarian.

Диарея у кошки

The symptoms of diarrhea

Diarrhea is manifested loose stools and frequent defecation. It may be accompanied by flatulence, the presence of mucus and blood in the stool.

Secondary symptoms include loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, dehydration, nausea, etc.

Diarrhea in cats: what to do?

If you enter in the diet of the pet innovation, and his body responded to his diarrhea, the reasons for panic. Simply return to their seats and discuss changes in diet with the veterinary specialist.

To the development of diarrhea and can cause other minor irritants. In this case, digestive disorders are a few hours and treatment is required.

If diarrhea lasts more than two days or is accompanied by vomiting, spasms and other symptoms – as soon as possible take the pet to the veterinarian. Depends on his life!

Without treatment, the diarrhea becomes chronic. Chronic diarrhea in cats leads to severe dehydration, metabolic disorders, vitamin deficiencies, weakened immune system, making the body becomes vulnerable to viruses and infections. Nutrients in this case is not absorbed, and the life of the animal resources are rapidly being depleted. From prolonged diarrhea pet may die.

Диарея у кошки

Treatment and prevention of diarrhea in cats

Treatment of diarrhea is assigned exclusively to the veterinarian. Any initiative will inevitably lead to complications. Don’t forget that causes of diarrhea can be many, and depending on them to therapy will differ.

For example, if diarrhea is caused by an infestation or a communicable disease, treatment is aimed at addressing the root causes and the normalization of digestion. If diarrhea is caused by an improper diet, enough to make adjustments and to support digestion and the immune system of the animal.

In many cases, when diarrhea is not caused by an infectious or other disease, its treatment is drug therapy administered probiotics. Probiotics are natural remedy for regulating the intestinal flora and improve immunity, have no contraindications and side effects. In fact, this live microorganisms, which when released in the intestines eliminate acute and chronic disorders of the digestive tract, relieve symptoms and maintain a normal chair. Probiotics have long applied in the therapy of people and recently produced and animals, for example, in the complex of digestion Protexin. They are also used as supportive therapy in the treatment of diarrhea infectious nature.

Диарея у кошки

Along with probiotics to prevent diarrhea is a balanced high quality diet, fresh drinking water, lack of stress, routine vaccination and treatment against parasites. In short, the most important measures to maintain health and a strong immune system of your pet. By following them, you protect the cat, not only from diarrhoea but also from many other problems that were completely useless.

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