How to help cat lose weight?

Как помочь кошке похудеть?

Sedentary lifestyle rewards excess weight not only us but also our Pets. Just imagine: in the nature of a wild cat every day produce their own food, move on a few miles, compete against fellow. Of course, domestic cats to such leisure far: the finished feed is always available in a bowl, and a soft bed was too attractive. Lack of exercise in combination with unbalanced diet inevitably leads to excess weight, the risk of which should not be underestimated. Serious problems with the digestive, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal disorders are just some of the consequences of overweight. Therefore, no matter how cute it may seem plumper your pet, care about his health has not been canceled. So, take the situation into your own hands!

To make a dog lose weight is much easier than cat. You can increase the duration of daily walks, start Jogging joint, often to go on an active holiday in nature, etc., etc., however no cats will appreciate this leisure time. But to play cat’s are always welcome!

Balanced nutrition and active play is the most effective prevention of obesity. Therefore, to determine the line of feed, go to the formation of an active leisure pet. To help you a huge number of special toys for the cats, which are full of modern household appliances. Choose the ones that will make your lazybones move more.

Top 5 of these toys:

– A laser pointer or other toy with a laser ray. Rare cat does not want to catch up with the coveted red dot. With such toys you will make a pet how to work hard, and with minimal energy expenses.

Как помочь кошке похудеть?

– Wind-up toys. Various mechanical toys are also a great option. All you need to do is to periodically start them. And then watch as the happy pet for them to be worn. Among the most popular mechanical toys – lures with feathers and vibriruya mouse with Catnip Petstages.

– Electronic toys. Real know-how of today! Thanks to them, happy and useful leisure of cats provided, and your participation in the game optional. Many electronic toys are equipped with special sensors that detect movement and begin to work when the cat approaches them. Various pop-up teasers (feathers, etc.) will not leave indifferent cat and forced her to whirl around toy.

Track for cats. Very popular toys today! A track can consist of one “floor” or three (track 3 floors Petstages), and in the toy set may include different types of balls, and for night games (track Kittys choice). Cats just love to catch rolling balls that did well not to get toys. By the way, one track can play multiple cats.

– Teasers. Perhaps the most that neither is a classic toy for playing together cat and owner. Teasers with feather tails, teasers-rods, etc., etc. – they will entice your pet enough to tickle his curious nose.

By the way, the toy is not only a guarantee of a useful pastime, but also to protect furniture, Wallpaper, and personal belongings from the sharp claws of your pet!

That naughty cat has not lost interest in the games, and buy several toys and rotate them periodically.

Why we recommend to use special toys for cats? If pet toys or other objects? – Definitely, no. Not all the materials are safe for our Pets. Plastic, for example, under the impact of teeth and claws crumbles into sharp pieces and can injure animals and fillers soft toys, once in the digestive tract can lead to intestinal obstruction. Paint, harmful substances entering into the composition of many materials that can cause serious poisoning, not to mention allergic reactions. That is why specially designed for cat toy is the best option. Thanks to them, you can not be afraid for the health of the pet.

Как помочь кошке похудеть?

Perfect leisure and perfect physical form of your cat!

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