What are toys for cats?

Какие бывают игрушки для кошек?
  • What are toys for cats?
  • Top 5 toys to play with
  • Top 5 toys for independent play

Toys are an integral part of a happy cat life. And the more the better. But going to the pet store for new clothes, you can be confused. The range is simply huge, which toy to choose? We will help you!

What are toys for cats?

Toys for cats primarily are divided into two groups: for collective activities of the owner and the pet and the individual with whom the pet will play itself. Each group has its advantages, and one should not exclude the other: they need to combine. For example, toys to play with, form of relationship between owner and cat, strengthen their friendship, enhance mutual understanding. And toys for independent games allow you to take a pet while the owner is busy or missing.

For any cat, no matter how independent she may be, is important. Playing with your favorite host, she is really happy.

Top 5 toys to play with

  • teasers (for example, a flexible teaser with toy from KONG, various fishing rods, ribbons, feathers, etc.)

  • wind-up toy (e.g., “a Clockwork mouse” Petstages),

  • tracks on batteries (for example, toy KONG Glide’n Seek, in the case where you move the fluffy tails),

  • balls (rubber or plastic that perfectly bounce off the floor)

  • various textile toys (mice, fish, boomerangs) that you can throw and that, of course, you need time to get out from under the sofa.

Toys for independent games is not just an interesting hobby, but a real salvation in education, and an effective way of dealing with stress. Not every cat can boast that the owner carries with her 24 hours a day. When we go to work or in other cases, our Pets remain completely alone. They are nervous, nostalgic, or, left to themselves, I just miss him. But the cat will not be bored for a long time. She will definitely find something to do. And if your house will not be toys that will attract her attention, she’ll do damage to Wallpaper, furniture or other things. A familiar situation?

In order to protect the equipment and not to allow the pet to soundrite of boredom, invented a model for independent games. The cat enjoys playing in them when left home alone or when the owner is busy. And they keep ward at night, because when the whole family falls asleep, the hunting instincts of a cat just waking up! Don’t forget that all cat’s are nocturnal animals, and if they do not provide options for late-night leisure, night’s sleep you just will not work.

Top 5 toys for independent play

  • the famous single-storey or high-rise tracks to play that can several cats (e.g., tracks for cats Petstages – permanent bestseller),

  • toy with Catnip (a cat will not leave indifferent Kong “Kicker”),

  • coil ropes (coil Orc),

  • scratching posts (there are different types: floor, wall, bars and multi-level: with houses and shelves) – a real salvation for furniture and Wallpaper

  • electronic toys with motion sensors.

Ideally, the cat should be a few toys: for joint and separate games. To the interest in them is not lost, they need to be alternated.

So, you have decided what type of toy you want to buy. What else to pay attention?

  • To check up serviceability. If the toy is mechanical or electronic, before purchase be sure to check if it works.

  • To check the integrity of the toy and packaging. Toys must be integers, with a smooth color, without scratches and damage. All the details, if any, shall be fixed tight.

  • Purpose. Use of toys is strictly by appointment. For example, children’s toys do not give your cat because they are filler or material would hurt her. Toys for dogs are not suitable because of the stiffness, size, and other characteristics. Toys for rodents are too small.

Choose toys designed specifically for cats. They are safe and designed specifically to meet the needs of your pet.

Какие бывают игрушки для кошек?

Everything else is individual nuances. For example, some cats adore models with Catnip, but others do not react. Some like to catch up, second – jump, while others prefer to chew on that toy lying on its side. Very popular preventive (dental) model, which not only entertain the cat, but also to maintain the health of her teeth, freshen breath, and so Much depends on the individual preferences of cats, but can recognize them only by trial.

Anyway, the way to the perfect toys are always fascinating. Let your cat be more like that.

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