How to prepare your kitten for vaccination?

Vaccination is a necessary measure to protect the health of our Pets. Despite the fact that most domestic cats do not leave the apartment for life, they can still get infected by serious infectious diseases. After all, to carry the pathogen into the house, you can my own clothes or shoes without knowing it. Is the kitten to smell the clothes – as the risk of infection skyrockets. Many infections without timely intervention lead to irreversible consequences, and there are diseases, are inevitably fatal (rabies). Why risk the health of your pet and to neglect vaccination is not necessary. However, to achieve the result is not enough just to take your pet to the vaccine. First, it is necessary to properly prepare. How to do it?

In order to answer this question, remember that this vaccination. Vaccination is an introduction to the body of the antigen is a killed or weakened pathogen to teach the immune system to fight it. The immune system “learns” and “remembers” introduced into the body an antigen and produces antibodies to destroy him. Because the pathogen is weakened, through vaccination with normal immunity, the infection does not occur. But generated against an antigen, the antibodies will be stored in the body for any length of time, and if during this period the body will get already real (not weakened or killed) virus or bacteria, the immune system finds it a powerful response and destroy not allowing him to breed. More information can be found in our article “When to vaccinate a kitten?”.

Как подготовить котенка к прививке?

From this reference, it is easy to guess that the key role plays not so much the vaccine, as the immune system. If the immune system is weakened, it will not be able to respond adequately to the vaccine, i.e. the right to “process” the antigen. As a result, the vaccination will either be useless, or the pet has been ill, the disease, the bacterium which is introduced into the body.

This means that all the preparations for vaccination should be aimed at strengthening the immune system. It’s like proper nutrition and lack of stress, and mandatory deworming, which is held for 10 days before vaccination. Why is it so necessary?

According to statistics, most domestic cats infected with helminths. Worm infestation is an insidious disease that can a long time to manifest. However, the “asymptomatic” invasion is just an illusion. Worms are localized in a particular organ (or multiple), and products of their vital activity gradually destroy the body and weaken the immune system.

That is why before vaccination deworming is needed. To hold it quite easily, can handle that any novice owner, right at home. The cat is given an anthelmintic (the most popular – Milbemax), at a dose calculated according to the weight of the pet on the enclosed instructions and you’re done! By the way, in our blog, we talked about how to give a cat a pill.

Immediately after deworming in the diet of pet, it is desirable to introduce the prebiotic beverages (for example, Viyo Reinforces) that will bring toxins from the body, formed as a result of the death of the worms, and strengthen the immune system (course: 2 weeks before vaccination). Prebiotic drinks can be useful after vaccination to aid the body in developing immunity to the antigen (course 2 weeks).

Permitted to vaccinate only clinically healthy animals with a strong immune system, which do not undermine any stimuli. Even a slight disorder of the stomach, fever or a cut on the paw are the reason to postpone vaccination.

Do I need vaccination before restrictions on food and drink? – Contrary to popular belief, no! On the contrary, to violate the feeding of pets is strongly recommended not to create a stressful situation.

Как подготовить котенка к прививке?

That’s all the basic rules you need to know. Pick up a good veterinary clinic that uses quality European drugs, and forward, to protect the health of their wards!

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