How to clean the ears of a cat at home?

How to clean the ears of cats? It would seem that there is nothing difficult. But that process has its own nuances, not knowing which you can harm your pet. In our article, we will tell you whether you need to clean the ears of cats, how often and what you need to pay attention in the first place. Take note!

Do I need to clean the ears of cats? Of course, but only when they are really dirty. Clean ears do not touch!

If the ears of a pet healthy, their hygiene you will need a special lotion and gauze (optional). In the presence of the disease, the procedure would be different. A veterinary specialist will prescribe a treatment and explain how to clean the ear.

Choose only high-quality lotions that are designed for regular cleaning of ears at cats (e.g., Clean Ear from ISB, 8in1). They are completely safe and act very gently: do not overdry or irritate the skin.

Как чистить уши кошке в домашних условиях?

How to clean the ears of cats? A few steps away.

  • Fix the cat to the procedure, she accidentally hurt or scratched you. Accustomed to the grooming of the pet is enough to hold with one hand. But if ear cleaning turns into a struggle for life and death, call for help from a friend and wrap the cat with a towel.
  • Strictly follow the instructions for applying the chosen lotion. As a rule, it is enough to drip into the ear a few drops, massaging the base of the ear and release the cat quietly shaking his head. And ready, ears are clean!
  • How often to clean the ears of cats? For each pet’s individual frequency. The procedure is performed as pollution. As a rule, not more than 1 time a week.
  • If desired, after the cat shakes their head, ear, you can gently wipe with a cotton swab.
  • Cotton buds, reserved to self: cats are not suitable. Using them, you can injure the skin and eardrum.

If discharge in the ears a lot, the cat often shakes his head, trying to scratch his head and tilts it to one side — immediately contact your veterinary specialist! These symptoms are talking about the disease that require immediate treatment. The ear is a sensitive organ located near the brain. To run it as impossible.

Как чистить уши кошке в домашних условиях?

  • After the procedure will treat the cat treat: she deserved it!

So the cat wasn’t afraid of the withdrawal, proceed carefully, gently talk to her and treat, do not create stressful situations. Ideally, the cat quietly tolerates ear cleaning, and trimming nails, and brushing, it’s a good way to get a treat!

The best care to your Pets!

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