How to remove a tick from a cat?

Опасны ли клещи для кошек и собак? | 4 Лапы и Хвост | Яндекс Дзен

What if to protect the cat from ticks failed? How to remove a tick at home? Can help our recommendation!

The cat was bitten by a tick: what to do?

  • Remove the parasite. You can contact veterinary specialist or to remove a tick from cat in the home, on their own. To do this, use the special microcephalum mites, which can be purchased in toepiece.

Grasp the tick tool close to the site of the bite and gently twist it counterclockwise until completely removed. Good closelyrelated securely holds the parasite, while not squeezing his torso.

But to remove the tick with your fingers – not a good idea. Squeezing bloated body with your fingers, you cause the parasite to “spit out” into the wound part of the drinking of blood, and with it the greater number of pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, the probability of infection increases.

Don’t forget to wear gloves!

  • The bite process disinfectant without alcohol (for example, “Vetericyn”).
  • Put the extracted tick in a sealed container and take to a specialized laboratory to conduct the study. The obtained results allow one to judge the risks of the disease cats.
  • Watch the state of the pet until you get the results of the study, at least during the day. The slightest rise in temperature, loss of appetite, lethargy, any change in behavior – these are all reasons raise the alarm as soon as possible to apply to veterinary technician.

Infection, tick-borne, can occur immediately, but defeat always happens very quickly. Without timely and proper treatment, the pet may die.

Be careful and do not risk the health of beneficiaries!

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