How to flush eyes with cat?

Cats are incredibly clean Pets, but to maintain the perfect look they need the help of the owner. In our article we will tell you than to wipe his eyes of the cat and what tools to use.

Healthy cats are always clean eyes. The emergence of copious purulent secretions or watering serve as a bell for the careful owner: pet probably need to take him to the vet! Perhaps it’s a symptom of an infectious disease, allergies or eye injury. The exact cause will be determined by a specialist.

However, a small amount of discharge from the eyes, which are rare and do not disturb the pet, a completely normal situation. They can occur because of the special structure of the faces (as in Persian cats), an unbalanced diet or banal contact with eyes dust… the Reasons are many, and most of the time a cat cleans itself of pollution, carefully washing up foot.

But among the felines have their sloths, and care about the cleanliness of a muzzle pet can lie on the shoulders of the owner. So how to wash the cat eye at home and how to do it?

You will need a cotton swab (or tissue) and cleansing: saline, chlorhexidine or a special lotion (Eye Clean from ISB) – to choose from. The saline will simply allow you to remove dirt, age, and chlorhexidine lotion will not only clean, but also provide an antibacterial effect and soothes irritation.

Before treatment eye liquid at room temperature is applied to the cleaning cloth or a cotton swab. The eye is wiped from the outer corner to the inner century. This is an important rule, the contravention of which reduces all efforts to nothing. If you wipe the eye from inner to outer corner – all impurities will go into the bag under the eyelid and scopetta there, causing even more inflammation.

Be careful. With abundant secretions from the eyes, immediately consult a veterinary specialist. The faster you do the easier it will be to bring the pet’s health in order.

Not get sick!

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