How to teach a kitten to dry food?

Как приучить котенка к сухому корму?

Newborn kittens get all the necessary nutrients together with the mother’s milk. But the needs of the growing organism change quickly, and at the age of 3-4 weeks in the diet of kittens solid food is added gradually (while in small quantities). From this time until the full transition to dry food will remain only a few months. Of course, a complete change of diet (just imagine: from 100% milk to 100% dry food) is a stress to the body, so make the transition slowly and gradually. If done correctly, the kid he did not notice as the change of mother’s milk coming a complete diet for kittens, providing a high-quality basis for healthy growth and development.

When the kittens performed 3-4 weeks, the breeder begins gradually introduce dry food for kittens (always soaked with water) or canned food (made especially for kittens). During this period, ready to feed another can’t be for the baby complete food and are, rather, in order to avail for the smooth preparation of the growing organism to a specialized feed.

In General, the transition from milk to dry food for kittens will take several months. The finished feed is introduced into the diet gradually, and over time, its quantity is more and more increasing. Food for kittens it is recommended to give Pets with 1 to 12 month of life, and in 12 months the kitten will need to be translated into food for adult cats (the translation must also be carried out gradually).

In practice, if you get a kitten older than 2 months from a good breeder, the problems with accustoming to the diet you bypass the party. As a rule, all major work on the training already conducted by the breeder, in addition, kittens imitate the mother and start to eat dry food by her example. But what if a child is not accustomed to finished rations? What to do if the kitten won’t eat dry food, how to teach?

Как приучить котенка к сухому корму?

Your assistant in this business that properly selected food, treats for kittens, water and, of course, patience. And now more about the first two paragraphs.

  • Properly selected food. Be careful: kids are not suited dry food for adult cats. It is necessary to choose a special complete feed for kittens, high nutritional value and in small granules. For example, Monge Superpremium Kitten food designed specifically for kittens from 1 to 12 months and fully meets the needs of the growing organism.

  • Goodies. Granulated treats for kittens (e.g., Namiki) to accustom to dry food is a little trick for good! At first, the kitten can ignore the dry food, but delicious treats will definitely hold his attention. It is important that the treats were dry: so the kitten will develop good Association with dry food, and next time he will not pass it by.

To accustom your kitten to the dry ration, first let’s get him soaked food (use plain water). At first, the feed can be soaked almost to the consistency of porridge. Over time, decrease the degree of razmochennoy, but smoothly and without fanaticism. Ideally, the kitten will not notice the “substitution” and as if nothing had happened will completely switch to dry food. Sure that clean drinking water was always freely available.

If to accustom to dry food you use treats, be careful with the dosage. Daily treats is indicated on the packaging, and must not be exceeded. Treats should remain treats and not become a full-fledged meal, or the problems with the digestion and metabolism of the kitten provided.

Be careful and take care of your pet, because the only way he will grow up healthy and strong!

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