Toys for kittens that have teething

At the age of 3 to 5 months of age, begins the change of teeth. This means that for a while purring babies turn into puppies’ favorite activity is to chew on everything that comes their way.

Teething – not the most pleasant process, because it is accompanied by pain and discomfort. Trying to get rid of unusual itching and pain in the gums, the kitten begins to chew more or less attractive for it. The most common such items is the furniture, wooden objects, woven baskets or kitchen utensils, leather shoes, children’s toys, as well as the hands of owners that, for most kittens are the absolute leaders in our list.

However, to punish the kid for damaged items or the attack on the hand of a master in the period of change of teeth is in any case impossible. The desire to chew is a natural reaction to the eruption of the teeth, and no punishment here will not help. On the contrary, you are even more forced to survive the kitten, which is so hard because of the pain in the gums. Some Pets are so hard to tolerate this period that even refuses to eat and will meow loudly as if complaining to the owner for his attack. And often there are changes in the behavior of the baby. He can become aggressive and restless or, conversely, very lethargic. Much depends on the individual pet, and if one kitten is going through the change of teeth is hard, the second can almost not feel it.

To help the kitty to cope with the important period, to direct his chewing talents in the right direction and keep stuff and your own hands from the small, but very sharp teeth, give him a special toy. Which, incidentally, will solve not one but several problems.

First, the toy is a reliable and proven way to take your pet (and rest easy). Kittens are very active, they are ready to play for days in a row, but the owners, of course, there is no possibility round the clock to entertain the pet. And then come to the aid of toys, which range in pet stores is very broad. You can easily choose a model for playing together, master and pet and toys that the kitten can play independently while you are at work, do your chores or resting.

Secondly, toys and active games promote the harmonious physical and mental development of the kitten. While playing, the kitten moves, warming up and release the accumulated energy, and toys, puzzles make it find solutions in unusual situations and develop intelligence.

Thirdly, a special toy for the kittens, made of synthetic rubber, are a real salvation during the period of change of teeth. These toys kittens bite with pleasure and excitement: enough soft material is pleasant to the teeth and safe for the oral cavity. Thanks to the exciting occupation, the kitten forgets about the discomfort in the gums and happily enjoys the game, and as expected the kids.

Fourth, a quality toy for cats is the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity, as during chewing remove plaque. Well and fifthly, some of them soaked in sweet mint to ensure fresh breath that you will agree is a nice touch.

It is impossible not to recall the famous cat’s mint – a favorite delicacy of most cats that they are extremely responsive. Catnip is often used in the manufacture of toys. Pets are not only enthusiastically biting and licking such toys, but fins on them, happily rolling on the floor, as if oblivious to everything around. However, buying a toy for a kitten, remember that kittens under the age of 2.5 months on Catnip, as a rule, do not react. In addition, approximately 20% of cats this treat also completely indifferent. Very soon, through trial and error, you’ll know exactly what toys will appeal to your pet and which hardly merit his attention.

Don’t forget that toys and active play is an integral component of good health and a happy life Pets, to please which is so simple!

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