How to teach your cat to use the toilet

Как приучить кошку к унитазу

Regularly to clean the tray – not a pleasant occupation. But because many owners dream to teach your pet to go to toilet. And in front of friends is something to brag about! It remains to understand how to do it. Learn from our article.

The attached step by step instructions on how to do it.

  • Familiarity with the restroom

To begin to teach a cat to use the toilet needs to learn not to fear it and all the associated noise. Leave the toilet door open so the pet can freely enter the room. Let him get used to the noise of the water. For this purpose, being close and comforting, flush. The cat must learn not to fear the noise, otherwise you will never achieve your goal. Talk with her and’t encourage. The main goal now is to show that in the dressing room and she’s safe and all the noise safe.

  • Transfer the tray to the toilet

If the tray wasn’t installed in the bathroom, it’s time to move him there and put near the toilet. Next, see to it that the pet did all his work where necessary.

  • Increase height

When your pet will begin to consistently use a tray in the bathroom and gradually start to increase its height and hold each level for at least 3-4 days. The ultimate goal: to teach a cat to use the toilet, it is necessary to raise the tray to its level. Use your imagination and think about what you can use as a stand. It must be durable and sustainable to the tray is not loose and the cat did not bother. The initial maximum height for tray 20 cm from the floor.

  • Observe the reaction

If you lift the tray, and the pet has ceased to go there, drop down or return to the previous level. After the cat begins to use it confidently, try to get it higher again.

  • The tray on the toilet lid

When the tray is raised to the level of the toilet, the rule is to lower the lid and put it on the tray. This is an important stage at which it is desirable to stay longer. Let the dog will learn to jump safely and to use a tray.

  • Facilitate access

To make it easier to teach a cat to use the toilet, put the next “step” (bench or box): so it will be easier to jump.

  • Gradually remove the filler

A further task is to abandon the filler. Take it gradually, he is no longer useful.

  • Open the lid

If the pet is already quietly enjoys the tray on the lid of the toilet, it is time to remove the tray and lift the lid! Now you have to ensure that she was always raised, otherwise the pet can do all his work directly into her.

  • Little tricks

If you accustom the cat to the toilet and in the process, she has “done a lot” in the wrong place and was caught for a crime, put “crime” in the toilet and lock the pet in the bathroom for a few minutes. If desired, use helpers to accustom the cat to the toilet. In pet stores for these purposes are sold special pads.

  • Summary

Well, now you can brag to guests with its clever pet, not forgetting to mention about his own talents in education!

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