How to wean cat shit in the wrong place?

Many people dream for years about a cat, but I don’t have a pet, fearing that he will start shit in the wrong places. In the modern rhythm of life keep track of your four-legged friend can be difficult. The cat can “nasality”, while the owners are at work, and then “engage” the evening trying to clean your favorite carpet from dirt you provided. However, the problem ceases to seem intimidating and impossible, if you understand its causes.

In many (but not all) cases, problems with the toilet are the result of improper upbringing. Kittens should be introduced to the litter box since early childhood, and it’s important to approach this process with proper attention and responsibility, not to return to it in the future. But even if the pet is potty trained since childhood, there is no guarantee that he will not change his habits. Why this might happen?

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not crap in the wrong places with the sole purpose to annoy the owner. As a rule, they have to have much more serious reasons. Here are the main ones.

Why cats start shitting in the wrong place?

  • The cat doesn’t like the filler.

Perhaps this is the most common reason why cats begin to ignore the tray. If you decide to replace the filler, your cat is an innovation not approved, return to their seats. Usually this is enough to solve the problem.

  • Cat does not like the place where you installed the tray.

Rearrange the house also can cause bad behaviour of the pet. The tray should be installed in a cosy place for a cat where there is high traffic and drafts. If the cat during her cases concerned a variety of stimuli, it will begin to look for a place private.

  • Tray is not supported in clean.

Another very common cause of the problem. Of course, we are all tired after a long day, but things like keeping tray clean, must be the same, despite the fatigue. Otherwise, our tidy tidy afraid to get dirty feet in a dirty tray and prefer to do things on a soft, clean carpet. Agree to eliminate the consequences will be heavier than in time to replace the filler.

  • Cat marks territory.

Cats and cats nature to mark territory. In some Pets, this instinct is less pronounced, while others – more. Anyway, if you are faced with this problem, will have to either live with it or take your pet for castration (sterilization). The third is not given.

  • Stress.

Stress is a good reason to change their behavior and not for the better. Worried the cat might “forget” about the use of the trays, and to master the quiet corners of the apartment.

  • A variety of diseases.

Not the most common, but the sad reason for behavior problems. Feeling unwell pet, lethargy, pain and incontinence can force him to go to the toilet in the wrong place. And, of course, to punish a cat for it would be extremely cruel. As a rule, in this case, the poor health of the pet indicate other signs, and we cannot do without treatment by a veterinarian. By the way, the sooner you contact them the easier it will be to solve the problem.

Как отучить кошку гадить в неположенном месте?

So we have listed the main reasons why a cat can shit in the wrong places. As noted above, to fight this nasty habit in the first place, it is necessary to identify the cause of this behavior. But there is another important point.

If the cat was shitting in the wrong place, your apartment is formed by a number of points with characteristic pet odor. The smell in the “ground faults” is very stable and lasts a long time. You can spend hours scrubbing the carpet with a powder or fill the orange peel all the corners of the apartment, but the cat passing by, be sure to catch their scent, which will act on it as a call to act (in this case, the action will urinating). To avoid this, be sure to use concealer behaviour for cats, but it is a means-antigadin. More profitable to choose such means where the complete elimination of smell (and, by the way, spots) combined with a deterrent effect (for example, 8in1 Natures Miracle). So not only will you achieve the desired result, i.e., discourage the cat shit in the wrong place, but you will also save on cleaning your favorite carpet and air fresheners.

Another important secret is attention to your pet and care about him. Take a look at cat behavior, try to figure out what’s bothering her, and resolve the issue. In any case, do not resort to unfair punishment. After all, if a cat’s stress or she feels bad, you will only aggravate the situation.

Take care of their Pets and let them behave well!

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