Carriage of cats in the train

  • Can I carry a cat on the train?
  • Do I need to purchase a separate ticket for my cat?
  • In which car can carry a cat?
  • Do I need to buy the whole compartment if traveling with a cat?
  • What do you need to transport cats on the train?
  • It required the shipping container?

Is it possible to travel with a cat by train and you need to do? Today we will try to contribute more clarity on these questions, referring to new regulations for the carriage of cats in long-distance trains.

Can I carry a cat on the train?

Yes, and again Yes. Besides, it is very convenient and easy. However, everywhere has its pitfalls, and in this case, everything depends on the carrier. Not all cars and not even all of the trains are allowed to carry Pets. So, take note of this important rule!

Before choosing and purchase of a ticket be sure to ask, is it allowed to transport animals in a particular train in a particular car. Terms of transportation of Pets vary by carrier. So first be thoroughly familiar with the conditions and only then buy a ticket.

Do I need to purchase a separate ticket for my cat?

For transporting a pet, you pay for your train ticket and special baggage check, which actually will be the ticket for your four-legged friend. The cost of this receipt differs depending on the carrier and class of the car. The approximate cost of the carriage of cats in the car with reserved seats – 450 rubles.

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In which car can carry a cat?

In this matter again depends on the carrier. In General, cats can be transported in second-class and compartment cars, but the carrier sets, in which. That is, if you have planned a trip with a cat, be sure to specify which car you can buy a ticket. Otherwise furry friends to the trip may not happen.

Do I need to buy the whole compartment if traveling with a cat?

Typically, such a need exists only in cars SV and superior. If we are talking about a standard coupe, redeem all the places is not necessary. You pay only for your ticket and receipt for transporting a pet. But, again, precise information will notify the specific carrier.

What you need to transport cats on the train?

What documents are needed to transport cats on the train? Under the new rules in 2017, it’s all very simple. If the carrier is Russian and you are traveling in Russia, … the cat does not need any documents. No veterinary passport or veterinary certificate, nothing. The only thing you will need for the transportation of Pets is paid receipt of transportation and durable container.

But if you cross the border you will need a full package of documents and a valid veterinary certificate No. 1, and a veterinary passport with current vaccinations, and possibly a chip. More information about the transportation of Pets, in this case, the carrier and the receiving party.

It required the shipping container?

A cat can only be transported in a special sturdy container for transporting (e.g., carrying very popular MPS). To get the cat out of the container along the path is not recommended. The sum of the three measurements carrying must not exceed 180 cm.

The container with the pet is mounted on a piece of hand Luggage.

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So, let’s summarize. Your main actions, if you have planned to carry a cat by train.

  • Navigate to the flight.
  • Call information Railways (or carrier) and to ask whether this flight to carry Pets in a car. To learn in detail about the conditions.
  • To issue a receipt for the carriage of the pet. You can do this in parallel with the purchase of a ticket for yourself, or after presenting your ticket at the registration receipt.
  • To purchase a durable carrier for cats.

Don’t forget that the rules of transportation of Pets change frequently. When planning a trip, always check the relevant conditions of carriage!

That’s all the highlights. Good luck way!

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