If the cat sheds

Domestic cats have a mysterious feature – shedding all year round! And whatever the fur of your pet, long or short – you’ll find it everywhere: not only on furniture and clothing but in the bathroom, freshly laundered towels, eating and morning coffee. Is there a way to deal with the problem?

We used to think that cats shed in the fall and spring, but why the problem with hair does not leave us throughout the year? The fact that at-home maintenance for the animals there are other laws, and here’s why. One of the main factors that trigger the molting process is the duration of daylight, and if the street cat catches seasonal variations and according to them, changes their coat, then domestic cats biorhythms are disrupted.

Improper feeding, stress, dermatological problems, hormonal, rapidly changing after castration or sterilization, also provoke year-round moult. In some cases, the cause of an intensive hair loss are serious illness. But, as a rule, their availability is not only a thinned-out coat.

It should be understood that frequent molting not only causes inconvenience to the owners but is dangerous for the pet because it often causes serious problems with digestion. Daily during washing, the cat swallows any amount of loose hair. In moderation, they are easily removed from the stomach in a natural way. But during the shedding of the coat becomes too much, and it accumulates in the body lumps, leading to blockage of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstruction, gastritis, etc.

To protect the health of your pet and not feel living in the jungle of wool, to deal with excessive shedding is required. For starters, take a cat for a checkup at a veterinary clinic to rule out the possibility of having diseases. As a second step, revise the diet of your pet: whether you have picked the food, do they satisfy the body’s need for good nutrition, enough vitamins and minerals? If health problems no diet everything is in order, direct their forces against the dead hairs.

For this pet, you must have a good comb. To help you, all kinds of brushes, combs, slicker. Grooming depends on the breed characteristics, but the heavy shedding, daily brushing does not hurt. The exception is the original slicker brush, which is recommended to use not more than once a week. This innovative tool against shedding became so popular that it provoked the production of fakes, and his name became a household word. Where such a success?

The slicker brush equipped with bristles or teeth, a safe and durable blade that engages not only the dead hairs on the surface of the coat, but the hairs from the deep undercoat, already separated from the follicle, but still holding due to friction on the wall. Without combing the hairs would fall out soon and the second would decorate clothes and furniture. But the slicker brush allows you to comb them in a timely manner and reduce the number of dropped hair on 90%. Agree, that fully solves the problem.

Thorough combing is even more relevant in the summer months. Many animals are hard to tolerate heat and stuffiness and the excess hair falls in tangles and prevents the skin to breathe. So only your gentle care will help to preserve health and well-groomed pet and greatly reduce the amount of hair found on furniture and things.

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