How to stop bleeding in cats?

Симптомы рака кишечника у кошек: что делать, как облегчить жизнь ...

Cats walk by themselves – and everyone knows it! But what if in the process one of my walks home a little money would hurt? And to happen this unpleasant episode not only with animals free range or during a trip to the country, but in the most that neither is a “safe” conditions, right at home.

Curious cat by day and by night are in search of adventure and just love to get into unusual situations. But to emerge victorious from them, unfortunately, does not always work, and often cats get the most unexpected injury. Do not forget about the simple everyday mistakes. For example, yesterday you broke a vase, but inadvertently not removed all the pieces, and today is active (sticking your pretty nose into everything) pet inadvertently took and cut myself. In short, the dangers around a lot, and you should always be prepared to if necessary, to provide four-legged friend first aid. How to do it?

  • Deep wounds (small and large)

First westrehem the fur around the wound special veterinary scissors (with curved up tips). In any case, do not use for these purposes the shaver since it additionally injures the skin, and the removed coat gets in the wound and greatly exacerbates the situation.

Then treat the wound with a special disinfectant Niegocin agent (chlorhexidine, Magstim, spray Vetericyn).

No iodine or brilliant green or alcohol to treat the wound not! This will not only cause severe pain to the pet, but also provoke a burn of fabrics.

The next stage of damage is applied to wound-healing gel with antibacterial effect (nasal spray, Vetericyn gel, etc.). This will help to protect the wound from bacteria that is necessary, because you still have to get to the veterinary clinic.

After applying the gel, superimposed on a wound a sterile napkin. Remember that wool to use in any case is impossible, since its fibers stuck in the wound.

And our next and final task: to restrict the access of pet to the affected area, i.e. to bandage the wound. It is best for this purpose is the bitter self adhesive bandage, because the cat will lick and bite. Ideally, the wound is bandaged using a two-joint, otherwise resourceful trickster would find a way to get rid of the bandage. Don’t go overboard in trying to securely bandage the damage, a strong tug will not bring any benefit, but will only aggravate the situation, causing the animal severe pain and discomfort.

Having given first aid and zabitova the wound, take the cat in his arms and as quickly as possible go to the veterinary clinic.

Как остановить кровотечение у кошки?

  • Minor wounds

Surprisingly, the cat can cut a foot or tummy … just walking on the grass. This is especially true with kittens, because their skin is very thin and delicate. Such lesions give your baby a lot of discomfort, and if not timely treated, the risk of complications assuming serious proportions. So ignore the processing, relying on “self-heal”, not worth it.

A minor wound is enough to handle healing gel with antibacterial effect. Ideal for this purpose, Vetericyn gel. It is not only effective but also completely safe for the animal, and its application is painless. Bandage and bandaged the damage after the treatment, the gel is not necessary.

In extreme cases, if suitable means were not available, the wound is washed with clean water and soap. Of course, this solution is not the most competent, but it is better to allow the pet to walk around with an open, raw wound.

So we’ve talked about first aid pianissimos pet. Check your home first aid kit all necessary tools, and don’t forget to take first aid kit with you on trips, but better get a spare!

I hope that the discoveries and exploits of your Pets will always be to deliver you and he only positive emotions. But, as the proverb goes, forewarned is forearmed, and better to be prepared for any situation.

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