Information About Fleas

Fleas are most active in the warm seasons, especially summer. Fleas spend most of their time on your pets. Fleas are not just annoying and cause your animals to scratch uncontrollably, they can also bring with them anemia, tapeworms, and various other cat illnesses. During the fourteenth century A.D., plagues attributed to flea bites killed perhaps as many as one-quarter of the world’s known population.

Fleas are tiny brown insects that crawl on your cat’s skin ingesting blood. If you disturb them, they hop away. Fleas are attracted by certain skin secretions. Some people are more attractive to fleas than others!

Fleas are perhaps the most common external parasite and are common on dogs and cats. There are more than two hundred species in this country, but the major troublemaker for pets is the cat flea, which is happy to feed on dogs, cats or anything else with fur. Specialized anatomical structures allow them to attach to the skin of their hosts, but they pass easily from one host to another. Both male and female adult fleas feed exclusively on blood.

Some pets suffer very little from the bites of these creatures, but a number of less fortunate pets develop an allergic reaction to flea saliva. This will leading to a severe skin reaction known as flea bite dermatitis. Fleas are marvelously adapted for survival. The female lays eggs on the host animal, but the eggs fall to the ground, carpet, sofa, or easy chair where they hatch in 2-5 days. Fleas are a very common problem for pet owners that allow their pet to go outside.

Fleas are dangerous pests. They continue sucking blood even when full, because their larva feed on the blood that they pass with their stool. Fleas are a pesky almost invisible creature and only 1 percent of fleas are big enough to see with the naked human eye. If your house has fleas in it then not only do you have to kill adult fleas but all of the smaller ones.

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