Idiopathic cystitis in cats

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  • Idiopathic cystitis in cats. What is it?
  • Idiopathic cystitis: the symptoms
  • Idiopathic cystitis: causes
  • Prevention and treatment of idiopathic cystitis in cats
There are diseases whose causes are very difficult to track. A vivid example – idiopathic cystitis. In our article we will discuss its symptoms, prevention and the most likely causes.

Idiopathic cystitis in cats. What is it?

What is idiopathic cystitis? Is an inflammatory process of the bladder and urinary tract that occur for no apparent reason, in the absence of infections, stones and crystals.

IC is diagnosed by exclusion of other diseases such as urinary tract infections and urolithiasis. It affects about 2/3 of all cats have problems with the lower division of the urinary tract.

Idiopathic cystitis is also known by the name “painful bladder syndrome”, “interstitial cystitis”.

Idiopathic cystitis: the symptoms

The most common reasons for CI are:

– difficulty with urination, the cat attempts to go on the tray, but it is not possible;

– frequent urination in small portions;

– uncontrolled urination: cats can’t have time to walk to the tray and defecate anywhere;

– pain during urination: in an attempt to relieve the pet is anxious and two;

– the presence of blood in the urine,

– common symptoms: lethargy, anxiety, loss of appetite.

Идиопатический цистит у кошек

Idiopathic cystitis: causes

The exact reasons why a disease occurs, it is not revealed. Usually, however, the CI correlated with improper nutrition and stress.

Many owners say that the alarming symptoms in their pet manifested in a stressful situation. For example, after transport or repairs in the apartment, forced the frightened cat hiding under the couch.

The stress hormone triggers a chain of circular reaction: a spasm of the sphincter → urinary bladder overcrowding → growth of bacterial flora → irritation and damage to the epithelium of the bladder wall → pain syndrome → increased production of the stress hormone → increased spasm.

Improper nutrition, excess weight and sedentary lifestyle also relates to the potential reasons for the development of IC.

Prevention and treatment of idiopathic cystitis in cats

If you notice cats have one or more signs of idiopathic cystitis, the only true solution is as soon as possible to apply to veterinary technician. Self-medication is dangerous to the life of a cat. In addition, the delay you only worsen the situation, giving the disease a chance to develop, and forcing pet to suffer.

To diagnose the diseases and prescribe the best treatment can only specialist. He will examine the cat, will conduct the necessary tests and provide guidelines by which very soon your pet will feel better.

Medication prescribed by the vet, will be aimed at elimination of the inflammatory process. And you, as a responsible owner have to fight with possible causes, such as anxiety cats, and maintain a good diet.

Идиопатический цистит у кошек

Reduce anxiety by using a special nutritional supplements – discuss their choices with a veterinarian. They are used for the treatment of disease and for its prevention, in cases when you anticipate a stressful situation for your pet. If the cat already suffers from IC or in the near future any stressful situation, just enter the Supplement in her diet. The health of urinary system helps to maintain the special functional food (e.g. vetdata Monge VetSolution or Urinary Struvite Urinary Oxalate for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system). But the choice of diet is made exclusively under the control of the attending physician.

Be careful. Always keep at hand the contact of the veterinary surgeon and do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

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