Mandarin (Oriental longhair)

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Mandarin – that is a wonderful name this is a relatively new breed of cats. However, the second name of breed – Oriental longhair. And from this name you can already guess how they look and how they live, these graceful, intelligent and very cheerful Pets.


Breed with an unusual name Mandarin (or Oriental longhair) includes a slender, flexible, cats with delicate bone, the weight of which varies from 4.5 to 6 kg.

Torso these cats have long, Oriental-type muscles strong. Head triangular, elongated. Eyes almond shaped, slanting, blue or green (in cats white color) color. The ears are large, but proportional to the body. The tail is long and fluffy.

Semi-long coat, fine and silky. The undercoat is rare. On the head and over the shoulders shorter hair. There are pants and collar.

Color of coat may be varied, it matches the color Oriental Shorthair (tortie, tabby, tipping, uniform white, black, blue, brown, etc.). The most valuable are considered the colors lilac and chocolate.


This elegant cat is a real sun Bunny. She is agile, energetic, always in a good mood and never give up the game. At the same time, this pet is very strong willed character. Mandarin will never be imposed and will easily find something to occupy, if the owner is busy and can not pay attention to him. However, the loneliness this pet does not like, it is important that the family members were nearby (even if was busy with their own Affairs).

These cats very much attached to the owners but with strangers they are reserved (not to say cold). Due to its natural sociable, easily find common language with other cats.

Compared to the Oriental Shorthair in Mandarin more calm and balanced temperament. This breed is ideal for families with children.


Tangerines have good health and a strong immune system, a serious breed disease not peculiar to them. With proper maintenance and care, these cats live quite a long time. The average life expectancy is 15 years.


Oriental longhair not require complex care. Their hair enough to brush just 1 times a week. During the shedding season coat brushing her hair regularly.

Check the condition of the eyes, ears, claws and oral cavity. Don’t forget about vaccination and timely treatment of parasites, visit a veterinarian for a General exam.

Balanced diet – the basis of the fundamentals of healthy and happy living pet. Do not overfeed the cat, don’t give her food from the table.

For good health from nature mobile pet need regular load. Make sure the cat has enough toys, and even better give her a cat town!


Mandarin is a relatively new breed, native to the USA.

The ancestors of the Oriental longhair Balinese and Oriental cats. Breeding work to retain the best qualities of the breed is today. The first standard was developed by the TICA in 1998.

Currently the breed is recognized by CFA, but with the note “temporarily”, because it continues to evolve.

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