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Siberian cat is a gentle, fluffy beauty with a noble character. Despite the strong attachment to the owner, they are incredibly self-sufficient and never impose. Friendly Pets get along well with children and easily find a common language with other Pets.


Siberian cat is large furry beauties who have long lived on the territory of Russia. Weight Siberian cats vary from 4.5 to 9 kg.

The Siberian cat is quite massive, stocky body type. It is strong but harmonious and graceful Pets. Its body is moderately long, compact head of medium size, broad, triangular in shape, the contours rounded, smooth. The eyes of cats big and round. Eye color usually ranges from green to yellow, point color blue eyes. With coat color, eye color is not connected. Ears of medium size with rounded tips welcomed the presence of lynx tassels on the tips of the ears. The tail is long, broad at the base, very fluffy.

The fur is long, fluffy, buttery, with a dense undercoat. Longer hair on chest forms a beautiful collar. Coat perfectly protects the cat from cold and rain. The color can be any, except chocolate and lilac. Siberian cats with colorpoints called the Neva Masquerade.


The Siberian cat is a perfect family pet. She’s friendly, she has a calm temperament, but lacks energy, this cat never has. Furry Pets love to move and play, in addition, they are always attracted to nature, and if from time to time you can release the cat to a stroll in the garden – believe me, it will be very grateful.

The Siberian cat is a strong, willed character, however, they do not aspire to lead and treat others very friendly. This pet easily finds a common language with other cats and even dogs and also loves to play with children. The attitude of Siberian cats to children deserves special attention: messing around with kids they just love it when cats behave kindly and responsibly and children are not hurt. Of course, it is important that children, in turn, cherished pets.

Siberian cats are very attached to their owners and strive to be around them as often as possible. However, they are never too Intrusive, they are quite comfortable with me.

The breed was formed in the natural habitat, and, in tribute to their ancestors, Siberian cats jump well, climb on trees, and even love water. Therefore feel most comfortable with these Pets will be in a spacious apartment, where there is a lot of space.

Сибирская кошка


The species formed in vivo and is characterized by good health and stamina.

The life expectancy of Siberian cats in averages 17-20 years.


Siberian cats are relatively undemanding and do not require complex care. Long hair enough to comb only once a week and daily during the spring molt. The rest of the pet care basic.


Home to fluffy beauties is Russia. It is an ancient breed, developed in natural conditions. Presumably, the ancestors of the Siberian cats were domestic cats imported into Siberia and the local wild cat. Severe weather conditions affected the appearance of the cats, giving them an impressive coat, muscled and flexible.

For the first time from Russia’s Siberian cat was taken in the 20th century. In 1997 the breed was recognized by FIFe. Since Siberian cats are bred not only in Russia but also in many other countries where fluffy affectionate beauties really love and appreciate.

Сибирская кошка

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