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American Bobtail – the real pride of their owners! This is not only an incredibly beautiful pet with the original appearance but also a very smart, loyal, gentle and calm creature that in a difficult moment will always support a soothing purr. Fluffy Bobtail is very similar to Maine coons, but they are easy to find on a short ponytail.


The American Bobtail is an incredibly beautiful Pets, the main feature of which – a short tail. The breed is represented by two varieties: Shorthair and longhair. Longhaired bobtails look a bit reminiscent of a lynx.

This is a fairly large cat, which can weigh 9 kg. the Body type they have strong, stocky, thick boned. The head is broad and rounded, cheeks are full and round. Eyes large, large, oval, or almond-shaped; the color corresponds to the color. Ears medium size, set wide availability of makeup brushes. Tail bushy, short (2.5 to 10 cm); is kept upright or slightly bent.

Wool is thick, dense, with abundant undercoat, fairly hard, slightly disheveled. It allowed any color.


The American Bobtail is an ideal breed for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle, loves the comfort and regularity, and who are alien to a cat’s independence and separateness. After all, the main qualities of the Bobtail are gentleness, kindness, friendliness and a strong attachment to family members.

Contact Bob easily finds a common language with all and happy to make friends with dogs.

Despite the tranquility temperament and appetite for silence, Bobtail difficult to tolerate loneliness. He gets great pleasure from being able to just lie on the knees of the master, or should I stay with him while he’s busy Affairs. And to stay home alone for a long time does not like it.

Overall, it is an affectionate and loyal pet that is always ready to brighten up any (even the most overcast) day.


The American Bobtail good health. Life expectancy on average is 15 years.


Care OES standard. The hair is enough to comb once a week. As needed clean eyes, ears and claws are shortened. Of great importance a balanced diet and adherence to a diet. OES not to overfeed, because by their Constitution they are prone to be overweight.


Home of cats with short tails is the United States.

In 1965, Arizona has discovered the kitten with wild habits and unusual appearance: the kitten was very short, sloping tail. This kitten was tamed, and when he grew up, he crossed with the Siamese. The first kitten from this pair and became the father of the breed “American Bobtail”.

The official recognition of the breed was in 1989.

Interesting facts

  • It’s permissible to cross with any breed of cats.
  • Full maturity of American Bobtail reaches to 3 years.

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