Stress in cats

Stress affects not only us but also our Pets. Did you know that the cause of many behavior problems of cats is stress? Restless pet can scratch the furniture and Wallpaper, often meow and even behave aggressively. In addition to problems with behavior, stress negatively affects health by weakening the immune system and overall body tone. Therefore, it must be addressed. So what if the cat stress?

What is stress? This strain of the nervous system, which arose under the influence of certain factors. Stress can be short-term and long-lasting. And if in the first case, it will not cause the body much harm, in the second may cause the development of serious diseases. The fact is that stress weakens the immune system and makes the pet vulnerable to a huge number of infections. New ailments, the return of old sores, skin problems (various dermatitis and eczema), General weakness – this is the traditional accompanying prolonged nervous tension.

Of course, for successful stress management is necessary, first, to establish the cause and eliminate it.

Causes of stress can be divided into three large groups: mental (anxiety due to transport, change of home, etc.), biological (hunger, improper diet, vitamin deficiency, and various diseases etc.) and physical (e.g., injury, uncomfortable room temperature).

Each cat reacts to certain stimuli differently, and if one pet are most afraid of moving, the other may go into an apathy from the visit noisy guests. As in humans, the level of stress all cats are different, so the stress is the phenomenon of the individual. Differently manifested and its symptoms. To sum up, this state of anxiety, rapid breathing, lethargic, or, conversely, agitated behavior, loss of appetite, etc.

Prolonged stress leads to exhaustion. The body tired to deal with stress, weakens the appetite of cat disappears, she falls into apathy. Unfortunately, severe prolonged stress can even lead to death, not to mention the physiological and behavioral problems of a suffering animal.

As we noted above, to relieve stress in cats is to eliminate its cause. Of course, if diseases and injuries, appropriate treatment will be prescribed by a veterinarian. But most often the causes of stress are psychological in nature, and then the best solution is your participation and concern.

Стресс у кошки

If the stimulus cannot be prevented (as in the case of a move or new family member), distract the cat from her experiences. Be gentle, treat pet new toys and treats, often pay attention to him, talk to him. It is very important that the cat felt your concern.

Wonderful aides in eliminating stress and adjustment behaviour is a special calming sprays (e.g., Natures Miracle). Good sprays are made on the basis of special herbs that reduce the cats stress. As a quality spray has a sedative effect, is completely safe for the body and is suitable for any cat, it is better that in case of stressful situations he had in your home (and road) the first aid kit.

But these measures will not be sufficient in the case of severe and prolonged stress. This will require a comprehensive approach to your care and medical treatment. Be sure to consult with a veterinarian, who will recommend a sedative for your cat, given the state of her health. In any case, do not purchase medicines without a doctor’s advice, because incorrectly selected drug will greatly exacerbate the problem.

Be healthy and take care of the health of your four-legged friends!

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