a carrier for transporting cats

It would seem, the transportation of cats is no big deal. Vaccinated, has issued get the document, got the carrier from the top shelf of the closet, paid receipt – and go! However, the cases when the owner with the pet is not allowed to pass on the “ship”, unfortunately, is not uncommon. And causes sudden disruption of plans can be very diverse because the rules of transportation of animals change all the time, besides the carrier can make adjustments.

However, one of the most common reasons is the wrong carrier. Yes, selection of container for transport – this is a very important point that in international rules is the subject of a separate blog. Unfortunately, many owners of Pets find out about this at the airport or on the platform, when the administration remains a matter of minutes. And how to find a suitable carrier in the here and now is not possible, then the trip has to be postponed for an indefinite (and when are the tickets?) time.

In short, the situation is extremely unpleasant and to be avoided, it is necessary to specify all aspects in advance and to carefully prepare for the journey with your four-legged friend. An important step on the road to success is the purchase of a carrying case that meets all the requirements. So what is it carrying?

Let’s start with the fact that if you really don’t want to delve into the rules and to study the characteristics of the proposed models, you can always come to a checked pet store and purchase a carrier marked “Suitable for transportation“. Such a mark, for example, easily seen on the popular MPS are carrying: a bright yellow sticker with the airplane icon and an indication of compliance with international standards.

Переноски для транспортировки кошек

Now back to the characteristics of the “right” transfers – those that will easily allow you to take your pet with you on a plane. In the first place, such carrying must have durable, rugged design, metal door and sturdy locking device, excluding the possibility of accidental opening of the door. A carrier should be spacious and have air holes that the cat can’t stick his head or paws.

The bottom of the carrying case should be waterproof and sturdy. The weight of the animal should be maintained with the stock.

For carriage in the cabin of the total weight of pet and container must not exceed 8 kg and the size is carry in the sum of 3 dimensions must be no more than 115 cm. Don’t forget about the convenient and sturdy handle, which must be equipped with the “right” carrier.

During transportation in Luggage compartment of the plane joint the weight carrying and the animal may be carrying up to 50 pounds. must be reliable and large enough to ensure that the cat would be free to lie, sit, stand up and turn around 360 degrees.

For transportation on buses and trains should also choose a carrier with a robust design, sturdy locking device, a solid bottom and ventilation holes of the optimal size, but the door is already such a carry does not have to be metal.

Don’t forget that at the bottom of the carrying case are placed in special diaper or other absorbent material.

Good luck way!

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