How to choose a comfortable bed for a cat to make your pet happy

Your new friend will sleep for many hours, so you need to choose a comfortable bed that is easy to clean. But sometimes it is very difficult to choose one couch because there are many models.

Some owners believe that beds are only needed for dogs, and the cat will always find a cozy place to rest and sleep. However, this is not the case. First, do not forget about molting. If the cat often lies on the couch, you are unlikely to dare to sit on it in a new skirt without careful cleaning. Second, not all owners like it when a pet sleeps on your favorite pillow.

Third, don’t forget about the health of your pets. Cats like to sleep on windowsills and in closets. Sleeping on a cold surface provokes colds, which without timely intervention lead to serious complications. And the beds in this case – are the perfect solution. Soft and comfortable, they not only become a favorite place for four-legged friends but also reliably protect against drafts.

How to choose a suitable bed for a cat?

Modern pet stores have a wide range of sunbeds of different sizes, shapes, and colors for every taste. In fact, most beds are universal, they are suitable for dogs and cats. When choosing a model are guided by the following parameters:

  • The quality of the material and seams. The quality of the material and seams depends on the durability of the couches, the extent to which they will be comfortable for your pet, and how easy it will be to clean.
  • The validity of machine washing. Of course, the couch must be kept clean. And make it much easier if the bed is machine washable. Not all models can be washed in the machine, which means you have to clean them manually. Before purchasing please note this item.
  • The size of the bed. Pet stores offer different sizes of beds, and you should choose a model on which your pet will be able to stretch to full height.
  • The shape of the couches. Cats are unpredictable, and sleep is always different: who curled up in a ball, who stretched to full height. Therefore, the best choice is a spacious couch for growth. That is, if you buy a round bed, choose a size so that the cat can sleep in a free position. Beds with soft boards are very popular. Pets use them as a pillow. By the way, ultra-soft benches with double protrusions are perfect for kittens.

For kitten babies who have recently arrived in a new home, these couches replace the warmth and comfort that kittens feel next to their mother, which greatly facilitates their adaptation to new conditions.

Some models of couches are not only a comfortable place to sleep but also a play area. For example, couches-houses. They are very cozy and incredibly warm (and therefore ideal for bald breeds), and on the outside walls of the house, you can place a variety of toys, climbing frames, and scratches, which are sure to diversify the life of your pet.

For creative owners

If you want to build a really spacious multi-level house for your cat (or several cats), pay attention to the cages. They are usually bought for dogs, but practice shows that cats love them too. You can place couches on the walls of the enclosure, on the floor – a soft cozy house with toys, and the cage can be covered with a blanket to make a cozy hut. Cats like it!

The cat does not always sleep in one place, so it is desirable to have two or more beds in different parts of the house.

Іf you live in a climate where it is very hot in summer and cold in winter, you will see your pet sleeping in cool or warm places, depending on the temperature.

Therefore, the “summer bed” should be carpet, open, and made of a material that absorbs little body heat (eg, wool). Instead, the “winter bed” can be cave-type, made of soft materials such as cotton or wool.

Choosing a model or several beds for cats is something very personal. But with these tips, you and your cat will enjoy

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