The Bed for the cat: your right choice

It is no secret that the catwalks by itself. So, and to sleep she goes where she pleases: on the arm of the chair, on the windowsill, or on a soft pillow master. And not always the choice of cat owners happy. For example, the pillow after a sweet dream pet remains covered with hair, and lounging on the windowsill in the cold season freedom-home-the predator can not seriously cold. Help solve the problem of special couches, because they are convenient not only for dogs but also for cats!

We used to think that couches are often required for the dog, and the cat will always find a cozy place to rest and sleep. However, it is not so simple. First, let’s not forget about the molt. If the cat often lies on the sofa hardly you will dare to sit on him in a new skirt without prior thorough cleaning. Secondly, not all owners like it when the pet is stretched to their favorite pillow. Third, don’t forget about the health of their Pets. Cats love to sleep on the window sills (and cabinets and refrigerators), and sometimes they are hard to protect from the wind. Sleep on a cold surface provokes colds, which without timely intervention lead to serious complications. And couches, in this case, is the ideal solution. Soft and comfortable, they not only become a favorite spot of four-legged friends but also provide reliable protection from cold and draughts.

How to choose a suitable bed for cat?

In modern pet shops with a wide assortment of benches in various sizes, shapes and colors for every taste. In fact, most beds are universal, they are suitable for dogs and cats. The choice of model is guided by the following parameters:

  • The quality of the material and seams. The quality of the material and seams depends on the durability of the couches, the extent to which it will be comfortable for your pet and how easy it will be to clean.
  • The validity of machine washing. Of course, the couch must be kept clean. And make it much easier if the bed is machine washable. Not all models can be washed in the machine, which means you have to clean them manually. Before purchasing please note this item.
  • The size of the couches. Pet stores represent beds of different sizes, and you should choose the model on which your cat can stretch out full length.
Лежанка для кошки: ваш правильный выбор
  • Form of couches. In practice, this paragraph is more relevant to dogs because they often sleep in the same favorite position. Accordingly, the selected one of the couches, which corresponds to this position. Cats are more unpredictable and sleep is always different: some curled up, some stretched out full length. Therefore, the best choice is the bunk room for growth. Ie if you buy a round bed, choose a size that the cat was able to sleep not only up, but in a relatively free position. Very popular beds with sides. Pets love them for their sense of comfort, and a side can be used as a pillow! By the way, ultra-soft couches with double ledges are perfect for kittens.

Kids who have recently arrived in a new home, these couches replace the warmth and comfort that the kittens felt close to his mother, which greatly facilitates their adaptation to new conditions.

  • Additional benefits. Some models of the stove are not only a comfortable place to sleep but the gaming area. Such couches are couches-houses for the cats. First, they are very cozy and incredibly warm (and, hence, is ideal for hairless breeds), and secondly, on the external walls of the house can accommodate a variety of toys, climbing and scratching posts that are sure to brighten up your pet’s leisure.

Life hack for the creative owners

If you want to build for your cat (or multiple cats) a truly spacious multi-level house, note the cell cages (e.g., Midwest). Usually buy them for dogs, but practice shows that cats also love them. The walls of the enclosure you can place the couches, on the floor – soft cozy house with toys, and the cage can be covered with a blanket to make a cozy hut, as we built in childhood. The cats like it!

Pleasant rest and sweet dreams to your little family!

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