the Role of treats in the life of cats

From the previous article “is it Possible to combine wet and dry food” we know that the mixing of finished feed and natural food in the diet of Pets is not recommended. In order not to cause the cat serious problems with digestion, preference should be given to or prepared or natural food. Of course, with the pace of modern life, the majority of owners choose the high quality of finished feed, because with them you can not worry about the health of Pets. And besides, it is very convenient.

But if you mix these food with natural food is impossible, as in the case when the pet wants to please a small slice of some delicacy? For example, sausages or delicious fish? The answer is simple: stock up on special treats for the cats! And no food on the table, otherwise your good intentions can turn into a eating disorder and even serious disease caudate pet.

While the delicacies at our table for cats is fatal, high-quality treats from trusted manufacturers, in contrast, is very useful. As a rule, they are made from natural ingredients, contain no GMOs, and vitamins and minerals in carefully balanced composition.

So what is needed treats?

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  • Goodies allow to diversify the daily diet, so it isn’t boring to your pet. No matter how good and balanced nor was the finished feed, it is sometimes useful to dilute, and Goodies – the best solution.
  • Quality Goodies is an additional charge of health. They improve the condition of skin, hair and nails, care about the state of the mouth, the digestive system, prevent fur balls can form in the stomach, positively affect the overall tone and immunity.
  • Treats are the best promotion and indispensable in education and even in training. For the success of pet is supposed to compliment, some kind words combined with the lure – perfect praise. With the help of treats, a cat can be trained to a home inspection, and the length of the claws, and the medication and even bathing. In short, the procedures that many cats are extreme stress. As for the tricks, so it is unlikely that even one of them in history have been learned without treats!

  • Treat – a simple way to show your location and give your pet the happy moments just like that, without reason. Even the most self-sufficient and independent cat will appreciate the gesture. And positive emotions is one of the main keys to a happy life!

Today in good pet stores offer a wide range of treats for adult cats and kittens of all breeds. Among them you can easily find the delicacy that will be enjoyed for your pet.

Don’t forget to delight your four-legged friends, the more, it’s that simple!

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