How to remove a cat from a tree?

The talent of climbing trees the cat in the blood. Even the fat cat can easily climb the tree. But to descend from it not be so easy. Especially when we are talking about a household cat, which escaped and climbed a tree from fear. Unfortunate “spies” scream and pressed against the branches or the trunk, afraid to move and, it seems, are not going to overcome your fear. How to help them? How to remove a cat from a tree?

The cat climbed a tree: what to do?

1. The first thing to do is to eliminate potential frightening factors. Perhaps the cat got frightened by the dog that continues to walk around, a crowd of people or a firecracker. With high probability, the cat will come down by itself, when you realize that she had nothing to fear.

2. Clear the area around the tree. Of course, pick up candy wrappers optional, but shards of glass, sharp sticks, stones and other dangerous items it is better to remove. It is impossible to predict where will land jumper, cat. Try to keep her safe from injury.

3. Soberly assess their strength. Even if in childhood you were the best climbing trees, now things could change. Perhaps you are still in brilliant shape, but can you guarantee that the tree will withstand your weight? Be careful not to take rash actions, otherwise, you will have to save not only the cat but also you!

4. Lure food. If the first shock in cats has passed, try to lure her with a treat. Show off your favorite bag of feed or treats. For best effect, open the packaging to let the scent spread. This method only works if the cat was able to get myself “in the foot”. Sorry, a really scared pet is not before meals.

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5. Offer the cat away. If the cat is not very high, to correct the situation will help “trap”, i.e. a safe path from a height to the ground. As a ladder, you can use a sturdy wide Board or a ladder. Just lean it against the tree and give the cat some time.

6. Use a ladder or stepladder. If climbing trees is a bad decision, then the ladder or stepladder is a great option. Just don’t forget to seek support for your safety: the ladder or the ladder must hold. If safety is ensured, gently climb up and rescue your furry creature. And don’t forget about the next paragraph (paragraph 7).

7. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or long tight gloves. Even if your cat is the most affectionate in world creation, you can’t predict how it will behave in a stressful situation.

8. In case of failure, contact the professionals. If your attempts fail and scared the cat sitting on the tree for several hours, it’s time to call in the MOE. Rescuers can bring back your runaway home!

These actions will help to remove the cat from the tree. But what to do exactly is impossible, it is to shake the tree, to throw in a cat with snowballs, sticks and other objects, trying to frighten her and so can lead to unexpected and very unpleasant consequences. Be attentive and careful!

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