Top 5 white cats

Winter go gently, but the even softer tread of a cat! Especially the white. Why not snowflakes?

Cat white in color valued at all times. White color is associated with fluffy in winter, purity, light, and the white pet is perceived as a lucky charm. Add to this the bright blue eyes that are so common in cats of white color! Indifferent nobody will!

If you want to extend your Christmas mood, admire the white beauties. Maybe our TOP 5 will help you to decide on your favorite breed?

Cat white color: TOP-5

  • British

One of the most popular and beautiful cat breeds. British Shorthair and longhair beauties conquered the whole world. Plush, sweet and a little lazy – they always evoke emotion. The face with expressive eyes, soft fluffy fur and a noble peace have become hallmarks of the breed.

Топ-5 белых кошек

  • Siberian

From the Siberian cats is difficult to look away. Northern beauties are very striking, and combined with the white fur coat will win the heart of anyone! Siberian cats colorpoint color (dark markings on the muzzle, legs and tail, like a Siamese cat) is called Neva Masquerade. Be sure to remember if you look after yourself pet!

Топ-5 белых кошек

  • Angora

Among the white breeds Angora – a classic of the genre. When talking about white cats with blue eyes often mean them. It is elegant, graceful beauties, the real aristocrats in the cat Kingdom. In the 17th century, they decorated the chambers of the French aristocrats, and today make their owners happy all over the planet. By the way, the nature of Angora cats as beautiful as the exterior.

Топ-5 белых кошек

  • The Devon Rex

One of the most unusual breeds! Curly, soft coat Devon Rex resembles a sheep’s coat. This is a very friendly, affectionate, quiet and gentle Pets who will find the approach to the heart of any. Just look at their huge bright eyes!

Топ-5 белых кошек

  • Burmilla

Introducing yet another four-legged aristocrats – more than enough. This elegant cat with a silver coat and bright green or amber eyes. In the breed standard are not included pure white color: muzzle, back and tail of the Burmilla darker. But it only gives a rock twist!

Топ-5 белых кошек

Friends, who in your opinion is missing from the list?

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