Caring for a Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat – the perfect Pets. They have soft, docile nature and do not cause problems with hair. However, in the care of a hairless cat has its own nuances, which necessarily need to know. About the peculiarities of care for Sphynx breed, we’ll talk in our article.

10 guidelines for the care of the Sphinx

  • Control the temperature in the apartment. The cold drafts and the sphinxes are incompatible. Hairless cats feel comfortable at a temperature of +25° C. lower temperatures lead to hypothermia and colds.
  • Purchased clothes for the cat. Even if you do not plan to walk the Sphinx, it will still need special warm clothing in case the apartment will be cool.

Уход за кошками сфинксами

  • Protect from direct sunlight, heaters and batteries. Despite the dislike of the cold, the heat for the Sphinx can also be dangerous. Skin naked cats are very sensitive. If your pet is “sunbathing” on the window sill in the sun or trying to stay warm will press against the battery, he will get a serious burn. Be sure to protect cats from hot surfaces and make sure she does not overheat in the sun.
  • Arrange treatments for 1 time a week. All right, Sphynx needs to be bathed more often than cats of other breeds. Sebum and dust quickly accumulate on the bare skin, clog the pores and lead to the formation of acne and blackheads. To avoid this, do not ignore hygiene procedures. If desired, the bathing can be replaced by a careful, but thorough rubdown.

  • After bathing carefully wipe the cat with a soft towel and moisturize the skin.
  • Use shampoos and moisturizers that are designed specifically for hairless Pets. We have already written that the Sphinx’s skin is very sensitive. Any inappropriate equipment may cause a serious allergic reaction and lead to the deterioration of the skin. You can often deliberately bathe a cat with the hope of preventing acne breakouts, but an improperly chosen shampoo will lead to the opposite effect. Be careful!
  • Daily wipe the body. If swimming for the Sphinx is not a daily procedure, then wipe the body, it is still desirable every day. Use a clean cloth, some dry in normal water.
  • Regularly clean the eyes. Eyes Sphynx get dirty more often than their furry counterparts. Due to the lack of hair and eyelashes (some varieties of sphinxes no eyelashes at all) in the conjunctival bags of slime which should be promptly removed with clean cloth. Read more about this in the article “How to flush eyes with a cat?”.

Уход за кошками сфинксами

  • Monitor the condition of the ears. Ears Sphynx has no fur to protect the ear canal from contamination. So, this mission falls on the shoulders of the owner. Monitor the condition of the cat ears and promptly remove dirt with a special lotion. About how to do this, read the article “How to clean the ears of a cat at home?”. Typically, the Sphinx is sufficient to clean ears 1 time per week.
  • Feed more often. The body of the Sphinx spends a lot of energy to maintain optimum temperature. In order to compensate for costs, pet, feed often but small portions. Choose only the balanced complete feed super-premium class. They have everything you need a pet for proper development.

These are the main features of the care of the Sphinx. To the beginner, they may seem complicated, but in practice it is simple. You will quickly “catch the wave”!

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