Training of cats in the home

If training dogs and training its various teams is not just good tone, but a necessity in the case of cats the issue of training often causes confusion. To > ach dog should know at least basic commands, such as “Fu!”, “Next!”, “Me!”, so while walking to not inconvenience others, not to pick up food from the ground, not run away from the owner, etc. in addition, training and training for the dog is always game, always fun, always in close contact with the owner, in which between the human and the pet trust is established, the full understanding of the relationship. But whether you want to train a cat? As we know, these animals walk by themselves and they, unlike dogs, even in a head will not come to perform the interesting trick for the amusement of the owner.

Cats easily can be taught to walk in a litter box, not to jump on the table, not to spoil the furniture, etc., but to sit, lay and give paw on command, you will not make. And is it necessary? But if you really want to pet could do something special, or you have a child who, inspired by the circus, I decided to do a little training of the predator, then nothing is impossible!

Some tricks cats love to learn. But to make your efforts successful, you need to remember about the main thing: the cat should be interested!

The cat performs the trick only if you decide it is necessary and interesting for her. In all other cases she prefers to relax on his favorite pillow. Success depends on the temperament of your pet: if the cat is very calm and even a bit lazy – maybe she will be inspired by your idea. If the pet is active and curious, you have all chances of success!

A cat can be taught only simple tricks based on actions that the pet performs every day without noticing.

For example, all cats jump perfectly. So why not teach a cat to jump through a cane (stick)? How to do it?

To start, simply put the cane on the floor. Let the cat crossing the room, stepped over her. As soon as you saw that “obstacle” is passed, be sure to reward your cat with a treat. Soon your pet will understand the relationship of obstacles and threats and will deliberately step over the stick to get the sweets.

Food drive for cats – the strongest, and Goodies will be your best assistant in training. Not to cause health damage pet, choose the right treats designed especially for cats. Do not use food off the table! Note on the vitamin treats, drops, mixes, and of course, tidbits and sticks “Treats”. Such delicacies are not only delicious, but also useful. They will be for cats a great incentive to perform a trick and will contribute to her health.

Gradually start to change the height of the cane. As soon as you saw the cat nearly came to an obstacle, raise a little cane. Every time a cat will cross the obstacle, encourage her to treat. Gradually increasing the height, you could teach a cat to jump through a cane – and here it is, the long-awaited result!

When the cat will learn the trick and take the obstacle confidently, can be a little temper encouragement and reward cat treats are not through each jump, and a few. If the favorite will no longer be the desire, lower the bar again and start to give a treat after each successful jump.

And the cat mononucleate to catch and even bring you light items. It’s pretty easy if you use a simple rule: the object is smelling good to attract the attention of your pet. Just throw the cat subject, and when she takes it in her mouth, slap your hands together (click fingers or give another beep) and give her the treat. If the cat is brought to you by the subject, also give a signal and encourage your good.

Do not forget that each cat has its own character and its own behavioral characteristics. Watch the pet for his favorite games, with the demeanor. It is possible, your cat already knows how to do amazing things, and you only need to systematize them!

Remember that cat training failed to punish in any case can not be, otherwise you’ll bet she has any desire to learn and lose her confidence.

Be sure to encourage your cat and be patient in training. If, despite all efforts to perform tricks pet well does not want, do not worry. Don’t these amazing animals are not perfect and without training?

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