Training of cats in the home

If dog training is not just a good tone, but a necessity, then in the case of cats, the issue of training is often confusing. Every dog ​​should know at least the basic commands, such as “Foo!”, “Next!”, “I!”, So as not to create inconvenience to others during the walk, not to pick up food from the ground, not to run away from the owner. In addition, training for a dog is always a game, always fun, always in close contact with the owner, in which trust is established between the person and the pet, a full understanding of the relationship. But do you want to train a cat? As you know, these animals walk on their own and they, unlike dogs, do not even think to perform an interesting trick to entertain the owner.

Cats can be easily taught to go to the toilet, not to jump on the table, not to damage furniture, etc., but to sit, lie down and give a paw on command will not force. Is it necessary?
Some tricks cats love to learn. But in order for your efforts to be successful, you need to remember the main thing: the cat should be interested!

The cat performs the trick only if he decides that it is necessary and interesting. In all other cases, he prefers to rest on his favorite pillow. Success depends on the temperament of your pet: if the cat is very calm and even a little lazy – maybe he will be inspired by your idea. If your pet is active and inquisitive, you have every chance of success!

A cat can be taught only simple tricks based on actions that the pet performs every day without noticing. For example, all cats jump perfectly. So why not teach a cat to jump through a cane (stick)? How to do it?

To start, simply put the cane on the floor. Let the cat crossing the room, stepped over her. As soon as you saw that “obstacle” is passed, be sure to reward your cat with a treat. Soon your pet will understand the relationship of obstacles and threats and will deliberately step over the stick to get the sweets.

The food drive for cats is the strongest, and Goodies will be your best helper in training. To avoid harming your pet’s health, choose the right treats designed specifically for cats. Do not give food from the table! Pay attention to vitamin treats, pastes, mixes, and, of course, tasty sticks. Such delicacies are not only delicious but also useful. They will be a great incentive for the cat to perform the trick and promote its health.

Gradually begin to change the height of the cane. As soon as you see that the cat almost came across an obstacle, raise the cane. Every time a cat overcomes an obstacle, encourage it. Gradually increasing the height, you can teach a cat to jump over a cane – and here it is, the long-awaited result!

When the cat will learn the trick and take the obstacle confidently, can be a little temper encouragement and reward cat treats are not through each jump, and a few. If the favorite will no longer be the desire, lower the bar again and start to give a treat after each successful jump.

For a cat to want to catch and even bring you light objects, the object must smell good to attract your pet’s attention. Just throw the object, and when he takes it in his mouth, clap your hands (click your fingers or give another sound signal) and give him a treat. If the cat brings you an object, also give a signal and encourage.

Remember that every cat has its own character and behavior. Watch your pet’s favorite games. Maybe your cat already knows how to do amazing things, and you just need to systematize them!

Remember that a cat should not be punished in any case during training, otherwise it will lose the desire to learn and lose confidence.

Be sure to encourage your cat and be patient in training. If, despite all efforts, the pet is not amenable to training, do not worry. Aren’t these amazing animals perfect without it?


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