Bezoar in cats

  • Bezoars: what it is and why formed?
  • Bezoars in cats: symptoms
  • How to deal with does?

What are bezoars? Why they are formed and what is their danger? How to protect the health of your pet? About it in our article.

Bezoars: what it is and why formed?

A bezoar is a hairball in the stomach of cats. What causes it?

Licking his fur, the cat swallows loose hairs. In small amounts, the body removes them naturally. But if the hair in the stomach a lot, it goes awry, mixed with stool and forms a “plug”. Tube provokes constipation and can lead to complete blockage of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, all arriving in the intestine the food will only progress to the “tubes”. She won’t be able to push bezoars, will accumulate in the body, and cause toxicity.

Under the pressure of bezoar goats and undigested food the gut wall can rupture!

To preserve the health and life of the animal requires prompt surgical intervention.

Безоар у кошек

Bezoars in cats: symptoms

Suspect clumps of hair in the stomach of the cat allows the following symptoms:

– violation of the chair,

– lack of appetite,

– apathy,

– vomiting,

– reduction of body weight.

If you notice one or more signs, contact your veterinary specialist. Even if it’s minor indigestion, better safe than sorry.

How to deal with does?

Existing large bezoars may be removed by surgery. But the strength of each owner to prevent their formation.

Beware in cats is formed due to the large amounts of ingested fur, so our task is to reduce the number.

Peak education does fall on the shedding period. At this time, the animal has to swallow a much larger amount of wool than usual, and the body can not cope with it.

Many domestic cats and dogs shedding is not seasonal (as their wild relatives), and all year round. Therefore, care for the coat of the pet needs regularly. The more you brush your cat, the less hair fall into her stomach.

To choose brushing tools that will fit the type of coat your cat and whether you’ll stay in the hand. A variety of combs, brushes, brushes, gloves, slicker and furminator (FURminator). The last is the most effective, as they allow you to catch the dead hair from undercoat deep, not just surface coat. The popularity of the instrument led to the emergence of mass counterfeiting. Be careful when making a purchase.

The second step is prevention – a balanced diet. In healthy cats, healthy fur. And what is the source of health, if not in proper feeding?

Give preference to the diets of the superclass. When the natural type of feeding be sure to use vitamin-mineral supplements (for assignment refer to a veterinary specialist). Meager, insufficient balanced diet leads to profuse hair loss, what we should avoid.

If your cat frequently suffers from lumps in the stomach, put her on a special diet for removing hair (e.g., Monge Superpremium Cat Hairball). Pre-consult with a veterinarian and follow the transition from the diet into the diet gradually.

The third step is an aid to combat does. Special toothpaste, treats, sprouted oats helps to eliminate clumps of hair from the stomach of a cat.

Pleasant to use treats, because Pets love them so much! Choose a special line for removing hair (for example, “Namiki for removing hair from the stomach”). If you treat them the cat according to the norm, the problems with does not.

Sprouted oats – tool for everybody. Some cats love to chew grass, others ignore it. By the way, this method allows you to cleanse the body of cats in the wild. Hopefully, your pet too will appreciate it.

These are the basic ways of prevention of bezoar goats. As you can see, sometimes to protect the health of your pet easier than ever!

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