Which shampoo to choose for dogs and cats?

  • What shampoo to wash a dog and a cat?
  • Bought a professional shampoo, but it does not foam!

A good shampoo is everything! Agree? Hair after it soft and silky, the color becomes alive, the skin breathes and stays clean for a long time. That’s why we so carefully choose for ourselves the means. But with Pets the same! What shampoo to wash a dog or cat to maintain their health and beauty?

The beauty of the skin and coat of a dog or cat is not a given but a consequence of proper care. Such care includes balanced nutrition, active leisure, regular vaccination, treatment against parasites, and, of course, properly selected cosmetic products! Unfortunately, many owners continue to wash the pet with soap or shampoo, and then wonder where he has dandruff, itching and hair falls out why.

The wrong shampoo provoked dermatological diseases, hair loss and fading of color.

What shampoo to wash a dog and a cat?

To shampoo for Pets requirements approximately the same as that to the human. A lot of nuances, but if to summarize them, the right purchase can be done in three steps!

  • Step 1: composition. It is advisable to choose shampoos without lauryl sulfate (SLS) and EDTA. These shampoos are more expensive than “normal”, but for the health of the pet, do not worry.

How dangerous lauryl sulfate (SLS) and EDTA?

Lauryl sulfate (SLS) – sodium salt euryceros acid surfactant. Used in pharmacology and added to the detergent for strong cleaning effect and foaming.

Because of the low cost, SLS can be found in most dishwashing detergent in shampoos and toothpaste. In low concentrations the substance is safe, but prolonged use can cause dryness, flaking skin, hair loss, rash. Owners of sensitive skin and frequent dermatological diseases of funds from SLS should be avoided.

EDTA – ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, providing helatiruyushchey property. In cosmetics, this ingredient is added to enhance the action of ingredients. However, EDTA has the ability to accumulate in the body and eventually affects the cells, and with regular contact can have toxic effects.

European experts in the field of natural cosmetics recommend avoiding funds with EDTA. Besides this substance, there are safe, natural, analog – phytic acid.

Какой шампунь выбрать для собаки и кошки?

  • Step 2: purpose of the tool.

The shampoo selected should be suitable to the specific pet: his type of skin and coat, color and age. So, the kitten need to wash with a shampoo for kittens, not adult cats and short-haired Pets do not shampoo suitable for a longhair.

Please note that professional means not necessarily are divided into cat and dog. They can be assigned the type of wool and approach it like cats and dogs. For example, all the Iv San Bernard shampoos and All Sytems suitable for both dogs and cats.

For buying the perfect shampoo it is important to determine the type of coat your pet and be familiar with the classification of funds in a particular brand. Iv San Bernard, a global brand of cosmetics for Pets, klassificeret funds as follows:

– for long-haired. Suitable for Pets with hair that grows in length throughout life;

for medium speed. Suitable for Pets with undercoat and fur that grows to a certain length, as well as for dogs with hard and voluminous hair;

for Shorthair. Suitable for Pets with a minimum amount of a short undercoat and short guard hair.

Take particular care when choosing products for Pets with white color. Most bleaches contain a corrosive substance, so the composition need to study very carefully.

All shampoos and conditioners should be applied according to the instructions, otherwise the coat can be shades.

A disaster the poor quality or unsuitable shampoo will turn to animals with sensitive skin. One application will enhance already existing problems, and regular contact will lead to complex dermatological problems and hair loss.

Regardless of the type of hair, after shampoo, apply on pet conditioning. It eliminates static, prevents dryness of hair and formation of tangles, nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Regular use of the balm also prevents the odor from the dog.

  • Step 3: consultation with professionals.

In caring for a pet is better not to experiment. At stake is the wellbeing of the beloved dog or cat and you don’t want to risk it. Not to be mistaken with the choice of means, it is useful to consult experts: veterinarians, breeders, or grumari. It is important to find a professional who you trust and to which you will be able to contact in case of questions.

When choosing a shampoo yourself, prefer professional brands which are used in grooming salons and vet clinics around the world. It is brands such as ISB, Bio-Groom, Oster, All Systems, and others. At the moment they embody the highest standards of cosmetic products for Pets and the risk of negative reactions to their use is minimal.

Какой шампунь выбрать для собаки и кошки?

Bought a professional shampoo, but it does not foam!

Are you familiar with this anger. Sometimes, looking at all the rules, and then apply it on the pet and no foam. What, then wash?

Answer: excellent. Professional shampoo may not foam because it does not contain SLS – aggressive foaming agents.

If the shampoo does not foam – it does not mean that it does not work!

Now you know all the basics and ready for a great purchase!

However, the ideal shampoo is not a reason to wash pets more often than necessary. About how and how often to bathe your pet, you can also read on our website.

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