Why a cat refuses to eat?

Почему кошка отказывается от еды?
The cat refuses to eat the usual food and started to be choosy in eating? And maybe she almost completely lost my appetite and it ignores all what you have to offer? What are the reasons for this behavior?

The cat refuses to eat: the main causes

  • Encourage the cat to give up food can a huge number of reasons. The most common – the proposed food just don’t like pet. Have you had another ruler, and your cat did not appreciate it. And perhaps bought food was stored badly and lost their taste and nutritional properties.

  • Another reason – an unbalanced diet. For example, the host may be inconsistent in the choice of food and to offer owners different diets. Or, in addition to finished feed, feed the favourite delicacies from the table. In this feeding the cat starts to be choosy. However, the main danger is not that. The diet must be strictly balanced, and any changes can harm the health of your pet.

  • Food not suitable to the cat. Carefully read the composition of the diet. The main ingredient should be meat since cats are carnivores. And the food must suit the pet’s age and physical characteristics. So, a 6 month old kitten is not desirable to feed the food for sterilized cats and Vice versa.

  • The cat may refuse to feed if she got bored. By their nature, cats are drawn to a variety of food. And if for many years to feed her only one dry food, she may lose interest in him.

Почему кошка отказывается от еды?
  • The cat’s indisposed at the moment. As a rule, in such cases, the refusal of food is only one of the “bells”. If in the appearance or behaviour of cats you have something troubling, certainly as soon as possible take her on admission to a veterinary specialist.

  • Unneutered Pets have changing dietary habits can be associated with the instincts. When the window is March and the soul asks love, thoughts about food recede into the background.

  • If the cat refuses to eat for several days, her health and life are at stake! The weakened body becomes vulnerable.

  • Another reason, not related to the food. Your pet may not like her bowls or feeding place. The owners rarely pay attention to these moments, but in vain. Plastic dishes may smell bad and scare away the cat, and the place for meals in close proximity to equipment, the household or in crowded places may discourage sensitive pet every appetite.

Found your case?

What to do if a cat refuses to eat, read our next article.

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