Why the cat digs in the bowl?

Cat owners are often surprised by the strange habits. Some refuse to drink from the bowl, but hard atakuyut faucet. Others hold to the strictest test drive fillers. The third works as an alarm in the middle of the night suddenly deciding namyat paws master’s stomach. But if you delve into the matter, we find that many “strange” habits — not strange. This echoes the instincts, which in the wild to save the cat’s life. For example, do you know why the cat digs in his food bowl? If not, we will tell you about it!

Cats are excellent hunters. But even the perfect predators bad days. In the wild cats do not always come back from hunting, carrying prey in his teeth. Sometimes they come with nothing. It is such cases in order not to die of hunger, cats create their own reserves. After a successful hunt they buried the remains of the food — so much so deeply to other predators it is not sensed. Such a solution has another advantage: the dwelling place of the pride is kept clean, food debris is not lying anywhere, not attracted to their smell other predators and not scare away prey. Skill is very useful, agree? Now you know: when your pet digs in his bowl — it say his instincts. Let’s examine this behavior in more detail.

Почему кошка закапывает миску?

Why cat buries a bowl? The main reasons

  • Too much food. You put the cat to eat, she ate, but some feed left, and then began to diligently dig in his bowl? Rather, the feed was too much. The cat ate, and all that was left of the afternoon, instinctively decided to save it for a rainy day.
  • Poor quality food or food that does not like the cat. Another example. You put the pet food, he ignored it and began to dig a bowl — what does this mean? Most likely, the food is spoiled or not suitable for pet. Check the expiration date and package integrity. The scent is sharper than our cats, they won’t eat spoiled food. Perhaps with food it’s all right, he just doesn’t like your cat. Eat it, it will not, but can not leave because they do not allow instincts. That’s why the cat digs in his food bowl with his paw.
  • The wrong bowl. The cat also may not like yourself bowls. Make sure that you picked the right model.
  • Failure to observe cleanliness. Remember, cats are very clean? If the bowl hadn’t bathed or dirty floor beneath them, the pet quite rightly will refuse to eat. For us, a bit of a mess in the kitchen or stale pellets of food in the bowl may seem small, but for a cat is a huge mass of odors. And she, again instinctively, try to get rid of them, so I’ll start to dig in the bowl.
  • The cat eats. It happens that the cat is with pleasure eats all the food, and then begins to dig in the already empty bowl. What tells such behavior? The cat ate, she wants supplements and instinctively begins to “dig out” their reserves. Check will you handle the rate of feeding, suitability of food under the age and physiological features of your cat, whether it meets her needs? If everything is in order, perhaps, increased appetite associated with parasites and your pet time to carry out deworming.
  • Stress. Another reason why cat buries food. If the pet feels stress, he can not bear to eat and trying to hide it in more peaceful times.
  • Competition. You have multiple Pets? The house has another cat or a dog? Even if they are very friendly with each other, the instinct has not been canceled. Pets may bury food to hide it from competitors. Don’t worry, it does not change their friendship.
  • Poor health. If the cat misses several feedings, digs in the bowl, doesn’t touches the food or eats very little — take her to a veterinary specialist. Poor appetite may indicate illness, and delay in diagnosis and treatment impossible.

Почему кошка закапывает миску?

We have listed the main reasons why cat buries a bowl. Except for the last paragraph, this behavior does not carry any danger, and from time to time so do many cats. But if you really want to eliminate this habit will help the following measures:

watch as food and water,

– observe the rate of feeding,

– choose the perfect cat bowls,

– promptly wash the dishes,

– maintain cleanliness in the place of feeding,

– eliminate the causes of stress,

– delimit the feeding for each pet.

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