Cats vs Christmas trees!

New year without a Christmas tree – is it possible? Many cat owners would say Yes. They saw the carefully decorated Christmas tree was grajales on the floor under the onslaught of the furry pirate, like broken toys and like needles echoed throughout the apartment. But this is not the most terrible trouble. Cat, besieging the tree can be severely injured: messy fall, to get hurt on glass ornaments to obtain an electric shock from a garland or to swallow the rain, which is very dangerous. In such cases, without veterinary specialist is necessary. It turns out that the holiday tree turns into a quest for pet is very exciting but full of dangers, and very real. But really from tree to refuse now? How to get a tree, if the house cat?

If Christmas tree for you is an important component of holiday comfort, don’t rush to abandon it. Turn on the imagination! To create a “safe” tree can be is wanted!

On the Internet many creative ideas from the creative owners. Some hung from the Christmas tree to the ceiling, others put them in a cage (or aviary), and others protect the entire perimeter of the vacuum cleaner (or other objects, which scared the cat). In the end, the Christmas tree can be drawn on the window or directly on the wall, and it is possible to create application. But today we talk not about creative solutions, and how to protect classic Christmas tree. Go!

Кошки против елок!

How to protect the Christmas tree from the cats?

  • Natural or artificial?

In the presence of a pet to choose the best artificial Christmas tree. It is much safer. Cats just love to chew on live branches, but the plastic needle is usually do not attract their attention. Natural Christmas trees have very sharp needles and twigs, the cat, decided to taste them, can seriously injure yourself. In addition, live Christmas trees are showered, and the pet will spread pine needles around the house.

  • Take care of the Foundation!

Whatever tree you choose, it needs “to stand on its own feet.” Pick a sturdy and stable stand. Try to sway the tree by hand. If it is already barely hanging on – with a cat she won’t have to.

Please note that natural trees are usually in buckets with a filler, such as sand. If you choose this option be prepared that your pet be sure to arrange the dig.

If the tree is in a container with water, don’t let the cat drink it. This can lead to poisoning!

  • Looking for a safe place!

How should ponder where to set up the tree. If the tree is small, maybe she was safe on the bedside table, the refrigerator or on the shelf where the cat can’t get to her. Of course, a lot depends on the cat. Some prefer not to strain but for others to jump on the fridge or cupboard – a daily ritual.

A large tree should be positioned in a relatively free part of the room. It is desirable that she did not have items that can serve as a springboard to the cat.

If possible, install a Christmas tree in that part of the apartment that you can close from a cat at night or while you are not home. By the way, very nice tree looks on the covered balcony.

Кошки против елок!

  • Correctly decorate a Christmas tree!

No need to decorate the Christmas tree as soon as you put it. The cat is likely so consumed with curiosity! Give her some time to get used to.

When you decorate the Christmas tree, let the cat out of the room. Otherwise your actions and a variety of toys will attract the attention of a cat, and he’ll go on the offensive!

  • Choosing the right decorations!

To protect the tree from cats, owners it is better to abandon glass toys in favor of plastic and textile. Choose large enough model to have the cats didn’t want them to chew on. It is desirable that they were static and not swayed by the slightest breeze. Swinging and spinning shiny toys will definitely attract cat’s attention. She will begin to react!

From rain you also need to give up. Very often playful Pets swallow them, and this is a serious danger to life. Alternatively, instead of rain you can use a large tinsel. But if pet shows increased interest in her, it is also better to clean.

If the cat has swallowed the rain, was gnawing on a glass toy or is injured by shrapnel – as soon as possible contact your veterinary specialist! It is very dangerous for her life, and such situations cannot happen.

Artificial snow, edible toys and candles to use also not recommended. The snow is toxic, the food, the cat will try to get it, and candles are a real fire hazard.

  • Less is more!

Decorating the Christmas tree is recommended in a minimalist style. Do not use a lot of toys, and basically place them closer to the top.

Кошки против елок!

  • Distracting!

Give the cat plenty of special toys: tracks, teasers, lures, tubes, mazes, etc. the more hunters will be alternatives – the less attention she will pay to the tree.

  • Repel from the tree.

Curious and overly active cats can literally be glued to the tree for days and wait for the right moment to use it to climb. The restless thrill-seekers can try to scare. Cats are sensitive to odors, and thus, we intend to use.

If your cat doesn’t like citrus, put orange, tangerine or lemon peel to the base of the spruce. Or try the heavy artillery: special repellent sprays for cats. This spray you can spray the whole tree, but it is better not to overdo it. And even cats are afraid of foil: here they do not like to run her claws! Using this weakness, you can try to wrap the foil base of the tree.

  • Can garland?

Garland is the last touch for the tree plus a hundred to create a Christmas atmosphere. But not dangerous for cats? Potentially dangerous. But if you tightly wrap the garland around the table tree, it is not freely hanging down, and turn it off every time you leave, the risk is minimized.

Кошки против елок!

  • Now what?

You did everything you could to create a festive atmosphere and to maintain the safety of your pet. We are proud of you!

Now you know how to protect the Christmas tree from a cat. It remains only to test the effectiveness in practice!

Observe your pet. Calm cats rarely expect on the tree, but hyperactive can dismantle it over and over again, perceiving what is happening as an interesting game. In the second case to solve the problem will have through trial and error. We will be very glad if you will tell us about their results!

We wish you a cozy Christmas tree, healthy cat and a happy New year!

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