What food to choose for a kitten?

Какой корм выбрать для котенка?

The choice of food for a kitten is a matter more important than the formation of the diet of adult cats. What food will you choose for your meowing baby, depend on his future health, his intellectual development, and even its appearance. Kittens are receiving a balanced diet, grow strong, smart, active and very beautiful. So, it is very important not to miscalculate. Note the main characteristics possessed by a good feed for kittens. They will help you to do the right thing!

1. Before buying, carefully read the assignment of the line and its composition. Kittens are not suitable food for adult cats. Get a ruler, which indicates that it is specially designed for kittens. This is very important, as the kids increased metabolism and they need special food. Food for adult cats just can’t meet the needs of the body, and the baby will grow weak, because can’t get the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

2. Food should be balanced and complete: in such feed contains everything necessary for the kittens. You don’t have to worry about the health of your pet and Supplement his diet with vitamin and mineral supplements.

3. Choose food of super premium class. For the manufacture of such feeds are used only high-quality and safe components and not waste the meat industry, as in the economy feed. Super-foods are easily digested, their composition is carefully balanced in accordance with the needs of the body of the pet and does not contain GMOs.

Какой корм выбрать для котенка?

4. The main feed component have to be meat. Cats are predators, and the basis of their diet should not be grains, as in some ready-made feed or low-quality by-products with a low nutritional value. Only high quality, selected meat is a source of such protein which is necessary for the predators. Especially kittens, because they grow and develop very quickly, and the high content of animal protein they need for proper formation of muscles. Feed super premium class have optimal meat ingredients: about 40% or more of the total composition. For example, in the super premium pet food for kittens Kitten Monge contains 26% of dehydrated chicken, 10% fresh and also dehydrated salmon, animal fat (chicken fat 99,6%, preserved by natural antioxidants), fish oil, etc.

5. Cat food should be rich in vitamin E. It is a powerful antioxidant necessary for a strong immune system.

6. The proportion of calcium and phosphorus in feed should be carefully balanced. They are responsible for the health of joints and bones.

7. Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) in the food will strengthen the immune system, support the digestive system and overall body tone.

8. Optimal balance of fatty acids omega-3 and -6 essential for health hair and skin, and of course, for the beauty of your pet.

9. Do not forget that high quality cat food also suitable for lactating (and pregnant) cats, which is very convenient for breeders.

More information on the appointment and composition of the feed, as well as information about the rate of feeding indicated on the packaging. Be sure to read it before selecting a line.

A pleasant and useful shopping!

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