Toy cat

Игрушки для кошки

Everyone knows how important games in the life of a dog, but cats love to play, no less! Just their games are of a more capricious nature, and if the dog is ready to play always, the cat will only play if she has the mood! However, the task of responsible owners is to provide a variety of cat toys to small home sharks do not get bored.

Do not forget that in nature, cats have an active life, they move a lot from place to place, play with each other, hunt, etc. whereas in terms of domestic content required to hunt, of course not, the landscape never changes, and it remains only to run from one room to another. In the end, the cat moves much less, but laying asleep, on the contrary, much more that contributes to the appearance of excess weight and subsequent health problems.

But even in the miniature apartment cat may live a full, active and busy life, thanks to competent approach of its owners.

If you have purchased a small kitten, teach it to the active games from my childhood. Play with it to catch-up, tease him, tickling on the face, learn to jump for a treat, finding hidden toys etc. – let’s the imagination run wild!

Play together with your pet is not only beneficial for his health and development, they also really bring you closer together and will help you better understand each other, to build trust, friendly relationship and bring you both lots of positive emotions.

And your pet will be very happy if you make yourself or buy in a pet store special climbing town! Believe me, your pet will be so much fun to conquer new horizons, to sharpen their claws and jump on the columns that you will not get tired of this melt. In addition, pet stores offer a huge selection of these climbing structures. Many of them are equipped with additional couches and toys, sometimes climbing the town flows seamlessly into the cozy cat house, located at the top – in short, it’s a real amusement Park for your kitten or cat. If your pet is not immediately appreciated the benefits of climbing structures, bring him a treat – just put a few pieces of his favorite treats on the different levels of town – and now let paves the way for treats and she’s eating. Believe me, soon he will join the game!

To diversify the life of your pet you can easily help and classic of cat toys: mice, fish, small balls, teasers, and various scratching posts, combined with toys, cat puzzle, which a great many pet stores, etc.

However, to find a cat toy, it is not necessary to run to the pet store: just look around and use your imagination to please your pet can the most simple things such as bobbins, plain cardboard box that cats love to hide, and even laser pointer, the red light which your pet will enthusiastically chase.

Remember, the more your cat moves, the better she feels, and the richer her life! Give your Pets the care and joyful moments – and they will tell you the same!

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