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Игрушки для кошек с кошачьей мятой
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Cat toys with Catnip are in great demand. Pets love them very much and enjoys playing with them, apart from nasty exploits like damage to Wallpaper and furniture. But what is the impact of Catnip on the body, whether it is safe and that all Pets are susceptible to it?

Catnip is called a perennial herb of the Catnip genus of the family Lamiaceae. Despite spreading throughout Europe, North America and other countries, the real homeland of Catnip is North Africa. In this plant contains up to 3% essential oil, which its strong specific smell attracts cats (the main component – nepetalactone). This feature formed the basis of his names: catmint or Catnip the cat.

But the excessive inclination of cats to this plant is not the only value. Catnip is demanded in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, food, confectionery and perfumes. Possessing a number of useful properties, including sedative, it has a beneficial effect not only on animals but also on humans.

Игрушки для кошек с кошачьей мятой

The effect of Catnip on a cat

Catnip for cats through the sense of smell. The scent of your favorite plant, pet as if falls into a state of euphoria. Toys with Catnip cats just love to lick and bite. While Pets may start to purr or meow, rolling on the floor and try to squirm. After about 10 minutes the reaction starts, and the behavior of the pet is becoming common. Re effect is possible not earlier than two hours.

It is believed that Catnip for cats – it’s about the same that favorite chocolate for us. It stimulates the cat’s “happiness hormones”, and hence such an impressive response.

With regard to the effects on the body, Catnip is completely harmless. On the contrary, it allows you to adjust the behavior of the pet. On being overly active and stressed cats peppermint has a calming effect, but too phlegmatic Pets, on the contrary, under its influence become more active and playful. In addition, once in the body of a cat (via edible toys and treats), this plant improves digestion and normalizes appetite.

Do all cats love Catnip?

Not all cats react to Catnip, and if the cat is your neighbor’s crazy about mint toy, your cat may not appreciate the new acquisition. As practice shows, only 70% of cats are susceptible to feline mint, others she was not interested. Kittens and adolescents also remain to the cat mint indifferent. Usually the plant begins to operate on Pets from the age of 4-6 months.

Toys with Catnip

Modern pet stores offer a wide range of toys for cats with Catnip. Some models are edible, others are filled with plant inside (for example, fur mice with Catnip). In addition, a Catnip impregnated a model kogtetochek: this makes it quicker to teach your pet sew the claws in the right place.

Игрушки для кошек с кошачьей мятой

When choosing toys pay great attention to their material and level of security. Don’t forget that toys with Catnip pet will taste and lick, and you should be sure that they are completely safe.

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