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  • What if the cat marks the territory?

As you know, cats walk by themselves, and really, it is independent and self-sufficient animals who don’t take much time and is fairly simple.

Cats themselves perfectly monitor the condition of their fur and their own purity. If the cat is healthy and well-fed, she will not have problems with the teeth, the eyes will always be clean (except cats with flat faces, their eyes), nose and ears also will not have any discharge, so cleaning the ears of a cat is not necessary.

If you see any discharge from eyes, nose, or ears – it is an occasion to go to the vet. As for the care of teeth, proper nutrition is the best toothbrush for your pet. However, in many cats, for one reason or another can develop tooth decay. Many owners in order to prevent brush my cat’s teeth about once a week, it uses a soda and a baby toothbrush. This process is unpleasant for the cat and is the need, so it is better to focus on proper, healthy eating. However, periodically inspect the mouth of a cat. If you experience problems with your teeth and gums – be sure to consult your veterinarian.


The coat of a healthy cat is always shiny and clean.

It is the condition of the coat can tell a lot as about the health of cats, and care, which provides pet owner.

The cat, if she is not bred hairless, be sure to brush, especially during molting. This is done in order to remove the skin surface dead hair, otherwise, the cat will lick them during washing, and the wool will accumulate in her stomach. If the cat is short-haired enough to comb it once a week, but if the coat of your pet along, it is better to devote a few minutes every day.

For combing short-haired and long-haired cats is recommended to use special tools (furminator), which effectively removes dead hair and does not damage the hair structure. Tangles in the process of combing remove gently and carefully, so as not to cause the cat pain, otherwise, it will begin to have a negative attitude to the process of combing.

With the right approach, combing is a very pleasant process and for the cat and for the owner you establish contact with your pet, he trusts you, and you care about him. During molting to remove dead hair you can use a special mitten that quickly and easily collects hair. In the summer cats are recommended to be cut, so they will be easier to endure the heat, and you will save yourself from extra household chores.

Bathing cats

Needless to bathe a cat? – If cat fur does not have any impurities, then bathe your pet does not need it. However, if the cat is dirty or if you’re preparing it for the exhibition, to redeem a pet can be. Use special shampoos and optionally the conditioner, follow the instructions. Of course, usually cats don’t like water and bathing is the pleasure of the low cats, which is why taking a bath has created an alternative – dry wash. During the dry wash special shampoo is applied to the fur of an animal, and then easily removed with a comb.

Care claws

The cat’s need to sharpen its claws, and if you don’t want to suffer the Wallpapers and furniture, get your pet a special scratching post or make it yourself. Occasionally a cat can be a bit to trim the claws. For this purpose, special sharp scissors or guillotine, which can be purchased at any pet store.

Can only be shortened the white part of the claw, nor in any way disturb land with pink blood vessels, this will cause the cat severe pain, not to mention the fact that the process of caring for the claws she truly begins to hate.

Whether hanging out with cats?

In nature, cats have an active life and walk by themselves, therefore, to limit the pet outside the apartment, many owners consider it cruel. Indeed, a walk in the fresh air is very useful for cats, but they are fraught with dangers. For example, it just hurt legs, to collect on the fur of parasites, grab some sickness, to eat spoiled (in the worst case poisoned) food, and So on before you bring the cat to walk, be sure to make all the necessary immunizations and wait the incubation period and treat parasites, take action against ticks and fleas. While walking watch for a cat that she didn’t get hurt or picked up food.

Walk the cat should be on a harness. To accustom your pet to the harness is easy to get started just put a harness in a prominent place, let the cat sniff it and realize that the harness is no threat. Then, while in the apartment, gently put the harness on the cat and walk her around the house. In no case do not pull the cat by the leash: a cat is not a dog, and she will not follow you.

Be prepared for the fact that your walk with a cat is more similar to what this pet is walking you, not you it.

If the self-walk and is valid only in the villages or dachas. In the town self-walk is a measure of the irresponsibility of the owners and unfounded the risk for a pet.

Cat toilet

And last – cat litter. Cats are incredibly clean, and if you don’t want to pet mischievous be sure to keep the tray clean. It is recommended to use special cat litter trays, which absorbs urine and keeps the smell. Pet stores offer a wide selection of toppings, and different cats prefer different types of fillers. Watch the pet, and if you see that the tray with the new litter cat refuses to visit, then you should buy a filler of a different type.

If you are not using the litter tray should be washed several times daily.

Trays also come in different both in its design and dimensions. Large cats, it is better to choose a large tray. If your pet has a special passion for burying his “works”, purchase for him a tray with sides or a bio-toilet (pan roof) that the filler was not scattered around the tray.

It is very important to position the tray in a convenient place for a cat. It should be fairly quiet, without obstruction, to the cat no one interfered.

What if the cat marks the territory?

The main thing to understand: labels and urination have nothing in common. Marking territory is an instinct to punish your pet for characteristics attached to it by nature, it is at least cruel. Fortunately, the cat’s mark their territory often, but if you are very concerned about this problem, then it can be solved by neutering your cat.

The careful owner should regularly inspect your pet, in order to identify the problem in case it happens and to prevent the development and complication of diseases. Love your animals and care for them, because competent care is a very enjoyable process for both you and your pet!

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