Transporting cats in a car

Personal car is the most convenient way of transporting a cat from point A to point B. first, you will significantly save on money, secondly, your pet will always be supervised (from the Luggage compartment of the plane). However, the carriage of cats in the car also provides a number of rules which must know about every host (and part-time and the driver).

The main rule of the carriage of cats in the machine is the comfort of both the pet and the driver and passengers. The cat in any case should not hamper the handling of the vehicle and limit driver visibility.

To transport pet it is recommended in a special container for transportation. It can be placed under the legs in the area between the front and rear seats (positioning the carrier crosswise of the movement) or, preferably, to lock the seat belt in the back seat of the car.

Перевозка кошек в автомобиле

Your cat is easier to take transportation if they feel in the car its smell. You can put in the container or on the back of the car (if the cat is transported without a container) couch your pet.

If the cat is difficult to tolerate the transport of the container, there is an option to lock it in the back seat with harnesses (securely tied to the seat). This option is best used in an extreme case, if a cat, for example, is afraid of containers and bags. When transporting cats with this method, it is advisable to use a special cover or a hammock for transporting animals in the car, otherwise, the material of your seats may suffer from sharp claws or liberally adorned with cat hair.

Перевозка кошек в автомобиле Ideally, the cat should accompany the passenger, he may take a back seat next to the cat. This will help to monitor the condition of the pet to control his behavior, to soothe, to stroke, to feed and water. The presence of a familiar person is very easier for pet moving and reduce stress.

If your trip lasts over 10 hours, do not forget about the stop. Take the cat to walk, so she could get some air and calm to go to the toilet.

During the trip in any case do not keep the cat in her arms. You can be confident, however, any cat will break even the strong hands, if you really want to. Think about it, the consequences of the uncontrolled behavior of a frightened cat in the car. It can scratch the passengers, jumping on the driver or on the glass. In short, try not to allow this for your own safety.

Within our country in your own car the cat can be transported without the presence of veterinary passport and certificates. However, it is better to keep them to yourself. For crossing the border you definitely need a pet passport for your pet with the actual marks of vaccination. Each country can put forward their demands for the transportation of Pets. Be sure to read the requirements of the country you intend to visit.

Do not transport the cat in the front seat of the car, as this will distract the driver, or in the trunk: there the animal will be too stuffy and you will not be able to monitor his condition.

If you are traveling in the hot season, carefully follow the climate in the car. Moving is in any case stressful to your cat, and stuffiness, draughts and temperature variations will further complicate the situation. Leaving the car for a long time (especially in hot months), be sure to take the cat with them. In the heat of the machine heats quickly, and your pet may become ill.

Of course, moving to bring trouble, but whatever your mood, try not to forget that a cat is not a soulless cargo, but a living creature with emotions and fears. Be near her and try to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Have a safe trip!

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