How to walk a cat?

In a previous article, we discussed whether to walk a pet cat. If you approve of walking, be sure to read the rules of the range. They help protect the pet from the trouble!

  1. Observe the pattern of vaccination. Take out only promptly vaccinated pets, otherwise, it will be defenseless against the most serious infections.
  2. Treat your cat against parasites. To familiarize a cat with ticks, not necessarily to go into the woods. A casual walk in the yard will suffice. Mites do not live on trees, as many think, but in the grass. And if they can not fear, at least in winter, fleas threaten the cat all year round. Therefore, the treatment of ectoparasites should not be neglected. To cope with the consequences of the bites much harder than to prevent them. Also, don’t forget about regular worming: it should be done once a quarter.

  1. In advance to accustom the cat to the harness. The first walk will be stressful for your pet, especially if it is there that he first acquainted with the harness. In the world, there are cats, which at first sight would enjoy this attribute. To accustom your pet to the harness at home in a relaxed atmosphere, long before the first walk.
  2. Take the cat outside to carry. At home your pet can be hyperspacing, but how will it behave on the street is always a mystery. The cat can be frightened passers-by, cars, barking dogs. If you will carry her in his arms, a high probability that she’ll start scratching, get out and run. Therefore, the container is useful even if you keep the path to the nearest Park.
  3. Choose to walk a peaceful place. The cat will be comfortable in the peaceful courtyard or Park away from the roadway and with a minimum of passers-by. Avoid dog parks.

  1. Give the cat freedom of action. As soon as you get there – just put the container on the ground and open the door. Let the cat come out of it herself, and calmly looks around. The harness should already be on it!
  2. Do not pull on the leash! A cat is not a dog, and she will not go near. While walking the path of movement ask not you, her. Your task – to hold the harness to follow the cat and try not to hamper her movements.
  3. The street is not the place for food. In any case, don’t let the cat something to pick up on the street. Even the grass is better not to eat, as she is very dirty. Sprouted oats from a pet store are much better!Как выгуливать кошку?
  4. Encourage pet. Walking is not the time to educate. On foreign territory, the cat has never needed your protection and support. Protect her from the dangers, praise treats combined with a delicacy. Let walk will bring you both extremely pleasant Association.
  5. Closely monitor the condition of the cat and according to it adjust the length of walks. No common standards no. One cat can walk for an hour, the other only 10 minutes. If the cat is hot or it is cold, if she was very worried and trying to hide – feel free to put it in a container and take it home!

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