do we Need to cut the cats?

Cats are hard to tolerate heat and easily overheat. To help their Pets, owners often cut them before the onset of summer. But how justified is this move? The cats more comfortable after the haircut? Talk about this in our article.

Grooming cats is a popular service, offered by grooming salons, and private grooming of the master. Many owners have adapted to cut the cats right at home. This video guide how to make cat creative haircut. Maine coons, for example, often cut beneath the lion, the British are doing the crest on the back like a dragon, leave fluffy socks and collar. Lovers of creativity create in wool ward real works of art: varied shapes, patterns, sometimes using special paint and rhinestones. It looks great and impressive. But it’s time to ask the main question: whether it is cats?

Veterinary specialists do not approve of the haircut and shave cats unless absolutely necessary. Following their recommendations, the indication for cutting can be:

  • Mats that cannot be combed. If you do not remove the mats, they will lead to skin problems, diaper rash and eczema, and in the case of infection can become a breeding ground for fleas.
  • Preparing for surgery when you need to make from the wool area of the skin.
Нужно ли стричь кошек?

As you can see, the heat here does not say. Not a single veterinarian will not recommend to trim or shave the cat bald, to save her from the heat. And all because the hair, even the long and thick, performs the function of thermoregulation and protects skin. When it’s cold, wool warms the cat and protects the skin from frostbite. And when it’s hot, it does not overheat and protects the skin from UV rays.

Looking for a long hair pet, it’s hard to believe. But it’s true. Cats do not sweat like people, and to cope with the changes in temperature it just helps the coat. Remember the cardinal rule:

If you do not want the cat was hot so she got a sun burn, forget about the shave and haircut.

What negative consequences can lead the haircut?

The shorter the hair, the more vulnerable the cat for the sun. Haircut or shave can cause sunburn. It’s amazing, but the long fur protects from heat and sun, and not Vice versa.

  • Due to frequent cuts, the quality of wool deteriorates. Nature has no cat hair to regular shortening. After experimenting with hairstyles, the hair becomes thinner, breaks down, starts to get confused even more. Note that purebred cats with short hair are not allowed to participate in exhibitions. The Standard of appearance must be respected because it is the key to not only beauty but also health of pets.
  • The coat has a protective function. Without it, the skin becomes vulnerable to injuries, adverse effects of the environment and mosquito bites. It is important to remember that the skin is the largest organ of the animal.
  • In the cold season cat for haircuts can freeze.
  • A lot of stress. No cats, which would have liked the procedure of shaving or cutting hair. High, pet can take it safely, with the dignity of a true aristocrat. But often the cat is upset and after the haircut may some time refuse to eat and hide under the bed, trying to avoid all contact with others. Justified whether such stress?

Of course, you can bring the advantages of the haircut. First, it facilitates caring for a cat, because it will not need so often to comb. Besides, grooming helps control fleas and makes molting is not as noticeable (although in no case does not resolve it). But all of the above you need to master, not the cat. For cats no need for mowing not.

Нужно ли стричь кошек?

The proper care of a cat is not a haircut, shave and coloring, and properly washing with the use of appropriate quality tools and regular grooming. Remember this and take care of their beauties. They are without new-fangled haircuts are the most spectacular!

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