And your cat is ready for winter?

Winter is snowflakes on the window, a magical new year mood, warm blankets and coziness. Perhaps this time of year is most like your cat. When the window is cold, so it’s nice to bask with the owner under a blanket to NAP on her knitted sweater and hunt for feet in warm socks! But to the winter pet was extremely pleasant, the owner needs to be alert. Cold windowsills and drafts can cause cystitis and recurrence of urolithiasis (ICD). Is the cat to freeze – all, Hello, new and old diseases! However, if you follow the 10 guidelines, the health of your pet can be protected!

  • A balanced diet

A high-quality balanced diet is the foundation of the fundamentals for a strong immune system. Analyze the diet of your cat: if it fits her age and individual characteristics, it is enough if it is balanced whether the composition of the needs of the body, etc. for example, the basis of the diet of a cat should be meat because it is primarily a predator. If you are a follower of prepared feeds, choose the line in which the meat is in the first place (meat is the number 1 ingredient). When natural types of feeding also base a diet on meat and be sure to give the cat a vitamin-mineral complex. To pick up it will help a veterinarian.

Cats with a penchant for ICD, cystitis and other diseases veterinarians recommend a special diet. Consult with your specialist.

А ваша кошка готова к зиме?

  • Drink plenty of liquids

Along with a balanced diet, the prevention of urolithiasis and cystitis is to drink plenty of liquids. When the cat drinks a lot and, therefore, often goes to the toilet, the liquid in her bladder is not stagnant. This prevents the formation and deposition of the urinary system of hard particles and harmful bacteria. But what if the cat drinks enough water? To offer her liquid probiotics (Viyo Reinforces – special for cats)! For pets, they are about the same thing and good for us yogurt: good for you, and the digestion improves, and immune system support. And in addition, ensure the prevention of cystitis and ICD.

  • Vaccination

Vaccination – a mandatory measure to protect the health of the pet, without it anywhere. Regular vaccinations broaden the range of action of the immune system and prevent your pet from serious diseases. The body, which is under reliable protection, rarely sick, while serious infections are “attracted” by other diseases or their recurrence.

Vaccination is effective only if you follow the diagram!

  • Deworming

Worm infestation is a common cause of a weakened immune system and, therefore, the development and recurrence of various diseases. For a long time, it may be asymptomatic and unsuspecting owners do not understand why the pet is so often sick. Waste products of helminths are slowly but surely destroys the body by attacking specific organs and weak spots. To protect the pet, be sure to conduct deworming with a frequency of 1 time per quarter.

Deworming must for all cats. Including for those who never leaves the apartment. The risk of infection is still there. For example, the owner may at his shoes to carry helminth eggs in the apartment.

А ваша кошка готова к зиме?

  • Treatment of parasites

Ectoparasites (the most popular in cats is fleas) is also a serious risk to the immune system. And a huge discomfort, scratching, and pain. Fleas can be infected not only whores cats. These parasites live in the cellars and entrances of houses, and then we can get into the apartment through the open door, cracks, or … on your shoes and clothing.

Treatment Pets from parasites should be conducted regularly! Treatment frequency depends on the selected remedy. Read the instructions carefully.

  • Preventive examinations

The disease is easier to prevent than to treat. The rule is to deliver the cat to the veterinarian not only with problems but also for prevention. Enough to do it 1 time a year. Efforts are minimized, but the health of the pet will be calm.

  • The absence of draughts

So the cat didn’t get cold, try to protect her from drafts. Especially after washing. It is better to dry the fur by Hairdryer.

  • The insulation of window sills

If your cat likes to sleep on the window sill, be sure to put a pillow or blanket. So on a cold surface, she is not cold.

А ваша кошка готова к зиме?

  • Active games

The more the cat moves, the better is its physical form, health and immunity. Stock up on toys that you can play together and with whom the cat will play. In this article, we tell you what are toys for cats. Entertaining games are not only enjoyable but also very useful leisure.

  • Lack of stress

Cats as well as we suffer from stress. Frequent or long-term stress leads to the weakening of the immune system. Protecting pet feel better, you automatically make a contribution to the preservation of his health.

These 10 simple tips will help you to protect the health of your cat. Start to use them right now!

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