L-carnitine in the feed for kittens

L-карнитин в кормах для котят
  • What is L-carnitine?
  • The effect of L-carnitine:

L-carnitine – an important component of feed for kittens. What this substance is and what are its benefits?

Choosing a diet for your pet, a caring owner carefully examines its composition. We know that the first in the list of ingredients should be meat, the carbohydrate sources should be easily digestible and that all the components of the feed must be decrypted. But beyond the highlights, there are a huge number of nuances.

To many different substances, each of which performs their functions. Some of them are used as additional benefits of this food, and without the other balanced diet is impossible in principle. For example, in feeds for kittens the latter include vitamin-like substance L-carnitine. When choosing food be sure to pay attention to this component. Why is it so important?

L-карнитин в кормах для котят

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine, also called levocarnitine, is a natural substance, related b vitamins. In the body of adult animals it is synthesized independently under the action of the enzyme gamma-butyrobetaine. In the body of the kittens activity level of gamma butyrobetaine low and the main source of L-carnitine serve quality meat products.

The effect of L-carnitine:

  • L-carnitine increases the passage of dietary fat into cells with subsequent formation of energy.

  • Thanks to L-carnitine fat reserves are used for energy needs.

  • L-carnitine controls the metabolism. During accelerated metabolism, typical of kittens, it is especially important.

  • L-carnitine – the key to harmonious development of muscle mass in a period of rapid growth and development of kittens.

  • L-carnitine is involved in the formation of healthy bones and strong muscles. Depends on the correct functioning of organs and systems throughout the body.

Only one substance – and so good. However, many are not even aware of the useful properties of L-carnitine and do not pay attention to his presence in the squad.

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